‘Lockwood & Co’: Big Talk Prods To Adapt Spooky YA Detective Series For Television

EXCLUSIVE: London-based Big Talk Productions has optioned the best-selling Lockwood & Co series with plans to adapt the books for television. The supernatural adventure stories are written by Jonathan Stroud, and the deal comes as the fifth and final installment, The Empty Grave, is to be published this week by Penguin Random House imprint, Corgi.
Launched in 2013 with The Screaming Staircase, the Lockwood & Co books are set in an alternative London that’s facing an…

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Harry says “mother!” is Aronofsky’s Divine Comedy, one that breaks the rails off reality! Genius!!

Just fucking wow man

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Darren Aronofsky’s mother! – isn’t a typical box office popcorn chomper.  It’s also a film that people come away from spewing hate and spewing love – at nearly equal measures.   Why?
For one, what you see happen in the film isn’t necessarily what is going on.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.   But this isn’t a film taking place in reality.   And you should be able to get that from the opening shots of the film which seems to be turning back time, but I could argue it was the healing advancement of time. The film exists on a dream and nightmare plane of existence. 
The overall story is simple enough – this is a tale about an artist, his muse, their creations and the destruction of all, for the artist to rise anew from the ashes. 
But the film is shot like ROPE and THE RED SHOES gone insane.   The camera swoops and the blocking of the film is just… mind numbing to think about.  Aronofsky said he was making a rollercoaster – and he knew what he was doing.   Right now – it’s beautiful watching this movie breaking people down.   It will make you FEEL things, but those feelings of repulsion, of going mad & insane, the feeling of being unhinged and threatened.  About being on the outside of a scene that doesn’t accept you.   It’s powerful stuff.
So why see it?   Because it is a masterful film.   If you lock eyes with Jennifer Lawrence and read her mind in this role.  

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Warner Bros. Signs First-Look Deal With French Company Marvelous Productions (EXCLUSIVE)

PARIS – Warner Bros. has signed a first-look deal with Marvelous Productions, the Paris-based outfit launched at Cannes by former top-level execs at Pathé, Romain Le Grand and Vivien Aslanian and producer Marco Pacchioni. Under the pact, Warner Bros. will have the opportunity to board any French-language project produced or co-produced by Marvelous Productions. The… Read more »

CBS Wins Bid For Australia’s Ten Network, Defeats Lachlan Murdoch

Shareholders at Australia’s Ten Network on Tuesday voted to accept a revised takeover offer from the U.S.’s CBS Corporation. The decision is a defeat for a counter proposal from Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce Gordon. It follows a court decision on Monday that also rejected a plea from Murdoch and Gordon to delay the creditors meeting…. Read more »