AT&T Reports Sluggish Q3 Results On Eve Of Time Warner Deal Close

AT&T, which will soon officially absorb Time Warner to become a Hollywood heavyweight, reported mixed results for its last quarter before the expected close of the $85 billion megadeal, slightly undershooting Wall Street estimates.
In the period ending September 30, earnings per share came in at 74 cents a share, a penny below estimates, with total revenue at $39.7 billion, down 2% from $40.9 billion a year ago. The company blamed the downturn on “declines in legacy…


Kardashians To Continue At E! With New Contract

E! network has signed a new deal with the Kardashians, locking them up beyond their previous contract.
Our source reports it secures the services of the Kardashians through 2020; TMZ, aka the in-hour newsletter of the Kardashians, reported the deal is through 2019 and is worth $30M per season, for a total of $150M over five seasons. Our source puts the dollar figure at “well below $100M.”
And E! isn’t talking, when we reached out for comment, other than to send the…



OLD Believes in the album. YOUNG Believes in the single. It’s all about the track, if you like something you go deeper, it’s about a body of work, click on an act in Spotify and you find what’s most popular and you check that out, assuming you care, and many people don’t, especially in hip-hop, […]

Robert Guillaume Dies: Emmy Award-Winning Actor From ‘Benson’ And ‘Soap’ Was 89

Award-winning actor from stage and screen Robert Guillaume died today at the age of 89. Known best for his roles on the iconic sitcoms Soap and Benson, Guillaume died at his home Tuesday after battling prostate cancer. His widow, Donna Brown Guillaume made the announcement today to the Associated Press.
Guillaume was born in St. Louis, Missouri and attended St. Louis University and Washington University. He went on to serve in the U.S. Army before going on to pursue an…


Charlie Shotwell To Star in ‘Eli’ From Paramount Players

EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Shotwell has been tapped for the titular role in Paramount PlayersEli, the first screenplay for  Paramount Pictures’ new label. It’s based on David Chirchirillo’s 2015 Black List horror script of the same name with revisions from Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing. Sinister 2 director Ciaran Foy is attached to direct the pic, which Paramount is releasing January 4, 2019.
The story follows a young boy who undergoes treatment for his rare disease in a…


Helen Mirren is devastated in the trailer for WINCHESTER: THE HOUSE THAT GHOSTS BUILT!

A true life Haunting!

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Hola Dannie Aqui!
Madame Revenant swooped up the trailer for the Spierig Brothers’ latest! Let’s see if she loved it like me!
The Winchester house. A towering mansion veiled in mystery much like its eccentric owner, Sarah Winchester, the wealthy heiress to the Winchester fortune. What would bring a lonely widow to continually build onto the house which didn’t end until her death? What truly was her sense of urgency, her raison d’etre? For some, lore foretells of Sarah believing she was cursed due to her Winchester rifle success. Her punishment was to be tormented by many spirits who would tell her what new addition would need building within the house. It is said that she believed that the spirits would let her live as long as she complied. Much like Clive Barker’s Books of blood, there are many spirits who want to deal their due share of justice.
WINCHESTER:THE HOUSE THAT GHOSTS BUILT is a film out to share this very story. The film is written and directed by Spierig brothers who brought you Undead (2003) and Daybreakers (2009). Helen Mirren plays Sarah Winchester, a tortured soul driven to madness, tasked with appeasing vengeful ghosts with a flare for home renovation. The other Winchester shareholders question her sanity and scheme to remove her from her primary shareholder status. Little do they know that ghosts don’t take kindly to being “shut out”. If Sarah is unhappy, they are unhappy right?  I can only assume that the people to assess her sanity will

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Blush – “Daisy Chain”

Blush is the indie-pop project of Darlings keyboardist and singer Maura Lynch. Her first album with bandmates Andy Chugg (Pop. 1280) and Nick and Jon Campolo (Pill) is out this December, and today they’re sharing its winsome lead single. “Daisy Chain” is a retro pop-rock tune with a simplicity that lends more weight to every … More »

New Harvey Weinstein Accuser Comes Forward With Gloria Allred

In a news conference in Midtown Manhattan’s Palace Hotel, publicity-magnet attorney Gloria Allred and Mimi Haleyi, the latest alleged victim of Harvey Weinstein, detailed a series of interactions with him in 2006 that culminated in an alleged sexual assault in his New York apartment.
The number of alleged victims of Weinstein now exceeds 50, dating back to the disgraced ex-mogul’s creation of Miramax in the 1980s.
Haleyi recalled meeting Weinstein in London for the 2006…


Brett Anderson Talks Life Since The Donnas, Scoring Commercials, And Shooting TV Pilots That Never Aired

Welcome to the latest installment of “Tracking Down,” a new Stereogum franchise in which we talk to artists who have been out of the spotlight for a minute. The Donnas’ greatest song, “Get Rid Of That Girl” was released two decades ago, and it’s still charming as ever in its ramshackle garage-pop way. In … More »