Disney Makes a Photo Dump Massive Enough to Impress Jeff Goldblum!

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Tons of Pics from Upcoming Disney Flicks! “INFINITY WAR”, “INCREDIBLES 2”, “RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET” and More!

Big Eyes, reporting!!! Disney was kind enough to send us a bunch of awesome photos of upcoming films throughout the year. Some we’ve seen floating around before, some we could live without, and others that are quite exciting! Let’s chat about ‘em!
Let’s start off with our shots from “INFINITY WAR”. We just saw this shot from the first international trailer of “INFINITY WAR” yesterday. Steve Rogers is heading the charge for a massive battle out in Wakanda, it looks like. He no longer has the bright white star on his chest, leaving fans to speculate whether or not he will be taking on the alter ego of Nomad. Coming May 4th, 2018.

We also got a picture from “BLACK PANTHER” that doesn’t really show us very much of anything new. We’ll see this one the soonest in just February on the 16th.

Next, we have what looks like a piece of concept art from “WRECK-IT RALPH 2: RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET”! Man, of all of the movies that are coming out, this is the one that is going to date the ever-living shit out of itself. In this one, Ralph and Vanellope find their way into the internet video a modem in the arcade they are from, and we will get to see their whole adventure traveling through the vastly wonderful and horrible place that is the internet. The outcast duo will visit websites that are

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