Neon Bible Turns 10

The Arcade Fire - Neon BibleWhen an album’s anniversary comes up, it’s easy to look back and think, “How did this fit into the context of the band’s previous work?” But with the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, the view from 2017 is almost more intriguing. No matter what one thought of 2013’s dance-punk comedown Reflektor, it’s hard to confidently say … More »

Snapchat Parent Is Now Worth More Than CBS, Viacom, Dish — and Analysts Say It’s Ridiculously Overvalued

Shares of Snap continued to climb in the Snapchat parent’s third day of public trading, opening up 4% Monday after an already huge run-up following its IPO on March 2. Investor gusto for the company isn’t vanishing at this point — despite the fact that no Wall Street analyst has issued a “buy” rating on the… Read more »