David Letterman Calls On Alec Baldwin To Save America From Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live have to save the country from Donald Trump, longtime late-night host David Letterman says.
“I’m tired of people being bewildered about everything [Trump] says: ‘I can’t believe he said that.’ We gotta stop that and, instead, figure out ways to protect ourselves from him. We know he’s crazy. We gotta take care of ourselves here now,” Letterman said in an interview that covers the latest New York magazine.
“Comedy’s one of the ways that…

Neon Bible Turns 10

The Arcade Fire - Neon BibleWhen an album’s anniversary comes up, it’s easy to look back and think, “How did this fit into the context of the band’s previous work?” But with the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, the view from 2017 is almost more intriguing. No matter what one thought of 2013’s dance-punk comedown Reflektor, it’s hard to confidently say … More »

CMC’s Li Ruigang Warns Chinese In Hollywood: Don’t Be “Dumb Money” – INTV

China Media Capital Chairman Li Ruigang, a man Jeffrey Katzenberg has called a “visionary,” today warned his compatriots who are eyeing investments in Hollywood to “be smart money, not dumb money.” Li, whose company includes stakes in Imagine Entertainment, NextVR, Broadway Global Ventures, Oriental Dreamworks and IMAX China, was talking about the so-called Chinese invasion of Hollywood. But he said today at the INTV conference in Jerusalem that he does not believe it…

Snapchat Parent Is Now Worth More Than CBS, Viacom, Dish — and Analysts Say It’s Ridiculously Overvalued

Shares of Snap continued to climb in the Snapchat parent’s third day of public trading, opening up 4% Monday after an already huge run-up following its IPO on March 2. Investor gusto for the company isn’t vanishing at this point — despite the fact that no Wall Street analyst has issued a “buy” rating on the… Read more »

Bent Denim – “Miss You, Kid”

Bent Denim - Diamond JubileeWith 2015’s Romances You, the New Orleans duo Bent Denim perfected a woozy, weary, uniquely modern strand of indie-pop — sort of an electro-organic twee with a Southern sensibility. The music was gentle, understated, and pretty, with lyrics that weren’t afraid to get ugly in their depiction of unhealthy obsession with an object of … More »

CNN Pivots Strategy on CNNgo to Add Free Original Programming (EXCLUSIVE)

CNN three years ago launched CNNgo as a digital-streaming extension to its core TV service — available only to pay-TV subscribers. Now the Turner-owned news cabler is shfiting gears to expand CNNgo’s reach to “cord-nevers” with longer-form original productions that are free to anyone, whether or not they have a cable or satellite TV subscription…. Read more »

Eli Wallach And Anne Jackson Documents About Life In Hollywood Acquired By University Of Texas Austin

Part of the estate of Eli Wallach and his wife Anne Jackson has been acquired by The University of Texas at Austin for its Harry Ransom Center. Specifically 40 boxes of their papers have been sold to the University; Wallach was a 1936 graduate of the University of Texas. Wallach died in 2014 and his actress wife Jackson died last year.
The two method actors were early members of the Actors Studio in New York and the husband and wife performed together in several…