Latin America: Up Next! Sandino Saravia’s Double Win Variety – Music

With his Malbicho Cine partner Rodrigo Pla’s “A Monster of a Thousand Heads” opening Venice’s Horizons sidebar and his Brazilian co-production “Neon Bull” by Gabriel Mascaro snagging a Venice Special Jury Prize this year, producer Saravia, 37, has reached a career high. “I never aspired to write or direct, I ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – Read more

Film Review: ‘Honey Night’ Variety – Music

Cleverly switching between noir thriller and absurdist black comedy in a way that throws into relief the perils of conformity and paranoia in a transitioning state, “Honey Night” offers hope for the clarifying power of art, if not necessarily for the future of Macedonian democracy. ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – MUSIC

Cayucas throws on ‘Big Winter Jacket’ in new music video: PREMIERE Kcrw Music

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Cayucas dug deep into childhood recollections for the band’s magnificent 2015 album “Dancing at the Blue Lagoon,” the deepest well of which may be opener “Big Winter Jacket.” Teepeeing houses, baseball cards in bicycle spokes, flashlights, home movies, secrets written on notebook paper hidden within ….Read More Via:: KCRW MUSIC