Raindance Green Cinema Panel: Festival Head Elliott Grove Says, ‘It’s Tokenism to Recycle Scripts’

LONDON — The Raindance Film Festival’s ecology and film panel – What Does Green Cinema Mean? – took an unexpected turn when the Guadalajara Festival’s Ivan Trujillo, due to host, was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. In his place, festival head Elliott Grove led a lively discussion in which he proposed a different… Read more »

Matt LeBlanc to Return as Host of ‘Top Gear,’ BBC Confirms

Matt LeBlanc will return to host another season of hit automotive show “Top Gear,” the BBC confirmed Monday, as the series braces for heavy competition from a new car-themed show from Amazon featuring “Top Gear’s” former presenters. LeBlanc’s second turn as front man will be without his former co-host, Chris Evan, who quit earlier this… Read more »

Amazon India Inks License Deal With Karan Johar’s Dharma

Amazon India has signed a licensing deal with Karan Johar’s studio Dharma Productions to make supply future and library titles to the soon to be launched India branch of its Prime Video streaming service. Upcoming titles include “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil,” which Johar himself directs with Aishwarya Rai, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma starring; Shaad… Read more »

Rolling Stone Sells 49% Stake to Singapore Businessman

In a bid to rejuvenate itself in the digital era, the once iconic, pop culture magazine Rolling Stone has sold a 49% stake to a Singapore-based startup company, BandLab. The deal was announced over the weekend by Wenner Media, Rolling Stone’s parent company. Valuation and terms of the deal were not disclosed. BandLab is run… Read more »

Quint says if you like The Last of Us, wait until you get a load of THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS!!!

One of the best films playing Fantastic Fest 2016 is The Girl With All The Gifts, about a smart, bright, happy young girl who also happens to be a monster.

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with another Fantastic Fest review for ya’, this time taking a look at the genre-shifting dramatic horror flick THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.
Melanie is a special little girl. She’s polite. She’s kind. She’s very, very smart and loves hearing and telling stories. She’s also a zombie. Not the undead kind, but more the infected kind. Either way, under the right circumstances she’ll lose control and rip your throat out.

I’m not familiar with Mike Carey’s book, but the movie is something kind of unique. It could easily be seen as a YA style story, but it’s way too dark, bloody and R-rated to be put on the shelf next to something like Warm Bodies. I think that weird niche it carved out is what’s getting so much positive attention from critics. I’ve seen hyperbolic quotes calling this a wholly original take on a zombie film and talked to a few people at the fest that agree.
I loved the movie, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it the most original thing ever. It could just be coincidence, but it leans just as heavily on The Last of Us as Hunger Games does on Battle Royale. Last time I made that Hunger Games statement YA fans came out of the woodwork to tell me how the author never saw Battle Royale and while I’m happy to take her word for it you have to admit it’s a hell of a coincidence if so.
The world here

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Augustus Gloop takes us with him for 3 Days of Fantastic Fest awesomery!!!

he’s gorging on cool movies and sharing his thoughts

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Fantastic Fest began this year with a bang not a whimper (though there are plenty of films with whimpering in them if that’s your thing). The first three days of my 12th year at this festival remind me how damned old I’m getting. I don’t know how I used to watch movies all day and all night and then write up every single one I saw. I guess that was before they started showing such damned great films every night in the midnight hour. I was home writing until 3am instead of arriving home AT 3am. Regardless, here are some of the best moments for a fest that is the only thing hotter here in Austin than the weather.I can’t imagine more perfect bookends for this than the opening night film, ARRIVAL starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, and the *absolute phenomenon* to put it in the simplest, least-nuanced words that is a performance by ICHY-O. There’s still a day left in the first half, but everything packed into these three days is a week’s worth of experiences.I think no more perfect film has ever played Fantastic Fest than ARRIVAL. Denis Villeneuve follows up SICARIO with this screenplay adapted by Eric Heisserer from the Ted Chiang short story “Story of Your Life”. In it, Amy Adams is recruited to help the U.S. Government learn to converse with mysterious aliens who have appeared simultaneously over 12 points on Earth. As seen in the trailer, much of the conflict in the story

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San Sebastian: Chile’s Jirafa, Italy’s Alba Team for Francisca Alegria’s Debut ‘The Cow That Sang Its Song….’ (EXCLUSIVE)

SAN SEBASTIAN — Building Chile’s growing pantheon of eye-catching young women directors, already one of the strongest of any national cinema in Latin America, Chile’s Jirafa Films (“The Blind Christ”) has closed a deal with Rosanna Seregni at Italy’s Alba Produzioni for Alba to co-produce the feature debut of Chile’s Francisca Alegria, a prize-winning Columbia… Read more »

Capone talks the long road to MY BLIND BROTHER, with writer-director Sophie Goodhart

Capone talks the long road to MY BLIND BROTHER, with writer-director Sophie Goodhart

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. UK-born writer-director Sophie Goodhart had one of the longest roads from her original MY BLIND BROTHER short (starring Tony Hale) to her feature debut of the same name—13 years, to be exact. In the interim, she wrote a few scripts, some of which got made into actual movies, including 2010’s THE LOCKSMITH and the just shot SEX GUARANTEED, both of which were directed by Brad and Todd Barnes. The film is a remarkable achievement, in that it seems to give audiences (limited) permission to both laugh at and be jealous of people we are close to who are also disabled in some way because of all the attention they get. MY BLIND BROTHER stars Nick Kroll as the brother and permanent helper of his blind brother (Adam Scott), who also happens to be something of an arrogant dick athlete. While Scott’s character get a great deal of attention for all of his athletic feats, no one seems to recognize that Kroll has to accomplish the exact same feats since he’s guiding this brother along whatever course he has chosen to defeat. The two men meet Rose (a remarkable performance by Jenny Slate), who is on a quest to be a better person after her boyfriend died right as she was breaking up with him. She is attempting to help the blind, and she ends up almost accidentally dating Scott’s Robbie when it’s clear she’s a perfect match for Kroll’s Bill, who

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San Sebastian: Wide Takes ‘Pretenders,’ Sells ‘The ‘Glory,’ ‘Alone,’ Ups Latin America Titles (EXCLUSIVE)

SAN SEBASTIAN — Loic Magneron’s Paris-based Wide Management has acquired world sales rights to “Pretenders,” which world premiered at San Sebastian, as Wide cuts more sales on Locarno hit “Glory” and Berlin Teddy winner “Alone” and drives ever more into movies from Spain and Latin America. “A cool, cutting debut” from Estonia’s Vallo Toomla, the… Read more »