Channing Tatum Officially Cast As Gambit Empire Magazine

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His X-deal is finally done While he’s been “attached” forever, Channing Tatum had yet to sign any pieces of paper tying him to the role of the X-Men’s Gambit in Fox’s attempt to kick off a refreshed X-Universe. You may have seen some tittle-tattle in the ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Ian McShane Plays Game of Thrones Empire Magazine

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In a secret but ‘important’ role A decade on from Deadwood, Ian McShane is returning to HBO for another turn in a flagship show. He’s joining the cast of Game Of Thrones’ sixth season, in an as-yet unspecified but apparently significant role. Thrones is now entering particularly mysterious territory. ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Film Review: ‘Miss Hokusai’ Variety – Music

The annals of Western art are woefully sparse when it comes to female painters, which is just one of perhaps a dozen reasons that “Miss Hokusai” comes as such a refreshing anomaly among anime exports. ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – MUSIC