New Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Posters Empire Magazine

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The rebels go all Expendables in new images The marketing campaign for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is being fashioned as a propaganda battle between those stylish, ruling-class despots from The Capitol and the scrappy rebels of the various outlying Districts ready to throw off the diamond-encrusted yoke of ….Read More Via: EMPIRE Read more

David Frankel Set For Departure Empire Magazine

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He’ll direct the science fiction romance He’s directed rom-coms and dog-coms, films about birders and movies about fashion fiends. But now David Frankel appears ready to take on the sci-fi genre – albeit blending in a little romance for good measure – with Departure. Captain Phillips‘ ….Read More Via: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

The Winners & Losers Of Summer Movies 2014 THE PLAYLIST

With the Venice Film Festival kicking off today with the premiere of “Birdman” (review here), and this week’s releases being “The November Man” and “As Above, So Below,” it can only mean one thing: summer is over. Labor Day is almost upon us, days are getting shorter, and Oscar season ….Read More Via: THE PLAYLIST

Fantastic Fest Line-Up Adds ‘Nightcrawler, ‘Blind,’ Sion Sono's 'Tokyo Tribe,' Keanu Reeves-Starring ‘John Wick’ & More THE PLAYLIST

Yes, there’s three major film festivals in September — Venice, Toronto and Telluride — but there’s actually a pretty cool one out of Austin that’s a bit more off the beaten path, focused on horror and genre fare, and a little less so on Oscar-centric title. Fantastic Fest 2014 takes ….Read More Via: THE PLAYLIST