Warner Bros. Eyes The Dragonriders Of Pern Books Empire Magazine

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Anne McCaffrey’s fantasy stories could be a new franchise You might think that Warner Bros. would have enough to deal with, Dragon-wise, between the Hobbit trilogy’s Smaug and the developing Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts spin-off. But the studio clearly thinks dragons can become a big ….Read More Via: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Paul Dano Considers War & Peace Empire Magazine

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Downton’s Lily James also up for the new miniseries Though it has been adapted several times before, Leo Tolstoy’s huge tale of drama between aristocratic Russian families is once more the target of a TV project, this time a collaboration between the BBC and The Weinstein Company. ….Read More Via: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Damon Albarn – “Sister Rust” STEREOGUM

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Damon Albarn released his debut solo album earlier this year and, while the weather may make it so that another Blur album never sees the light of day, the British musician will never stop making music. “Sister Rust” is a song Albarn wrote for the Scarlett Johansson vehicle Lucy, ….Read More Via: STEREOGUM