‘Don’t Breathe’ Poised To Be Record August Opener For Screen Gems With $21M – Late Night Update

5TH Update, Friday 10PM: Refresh for updates Over 60% K-12 schools and colleges are back in session, but there’s nothing like a decent horror film to dynamite student away from their books, and this weekend there’s Sony Screen Gems/Stage 6’s Don’t Breathe which is overperforming with a $21M opening. Sony’s genre label has tapped this late August period before, and knows that with proper-budgeted pic, there’s cash to be made. Don’t Breathe is on its way to become the…

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Ryan Lochte, Nate Parker and When Apology Tours Come Up Short

It’s become an all-too-familiar phenomenon: A well-known person’s name stays in the headlines day after day, as a controversy, usually of his or her own making, swirls through the news media. The past week or two, the sagas of “Birth of a Nation” director Nate Parker and Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte have garnered a… Read more »

Politifact Rates Trump’s Swipe at Clinton’s Hollywood Supporters ‘Mostly False’

Earlier this week, Donald Trump took a swipe at Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood supporters — he said that in many cases they were personalities who “aren’t very hot anymore.” Politifact, the fact-checking website run by the Tampa Bay Times, actually looked in to Trump’s claim, and their conclusion is that it is “mostly false.” “Trump has… Read more »

‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Including The Oscars – With A Little Help From Pete Hammond

I made my comedy series acting debut this week in the season premiere of truTV’s hit sketch comedy/educational hybrid Adam Ruins Everythingstarring Adam Conover as a guy who likes the correct myths about various things in society that we only think we know about. Among topics he has taken to debunking in season one were cars, security, work, voting, nutrition, sex and death among others.  The second season premiere in which I appear as Deadline Awards Columnist Pete…

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‘SNL’s Kate McKinnon: Hillary Clinton Was “Warm And Sincere” & “Very Funny” – Awardsline

If Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have carved out serious mainstream space for the modern female comic, then Kate McKinnon is making the most of that relatively new arena. Her hilarious Saturday Night Live pastiche on Justin Bieber in his Calvins comes second only to a pitch-perfect turn as Hillary Clinton – the latter so loved that Clinton should thank McKinnon for bolstering her campaign. Add to that a long list of laugh-out-loud characters including Ellen…

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Vogue Brazil Photoshops Models to Look Disabled in Paralympics Campaign

Vogue Brazil has come under fire for photoshopping able-bodied models to look like Paralympians for a campaign for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Rio. The headline reads “We Are All Paralympians” featuring Brazilian actors Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena. Although the magazine said it was trying to bolster interest and ticket sales for the upcoming Paralympics, the… Read more »