Wong Kar-wai Returns in 3D Thompson on Hollywood

China wants to embolden its film presence in Hollywood. What better way than to take a masterpiece from one of its most widely celebrated auteurs and repurpose it in glorious 3D? Wong Kar-wai’s ravishing martial arts epic “The Grandmaster” has been set for re-release in 3-D this October. A wide release ….Read More Via: THOMPSON Read more

Trailers From Hell: Bela Lugosi in 'Scared to Death' Thompson on Hollywood

The sinister presence of Bela Lugosi at his skulkiest (though he’s hardly in this trailer) adds the only layer of distinction to this 1947 disjointed poverty row “mystery” which at times seems like an unfinished feature stitched together in editing. Still has some delirious moments for die-hard fans. ….Read More Via: THOMPSON on HOLLYWOOD

LG Asked for 'Mom Confessions,' and Moms Delivered Adweek – Adfreak

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LG launched its #MomConfessions campaign earlier this year with a series of cynically amusing TV spots, and since then, real moms have started to get in on the confessional action. While the appliance brand and agency Hill Holliday seeded the campaign with their own Tumblr posts (“I ….Read More Via: ADWEEK – AdFreak