The European Film Awards 2014: A Victory For Ida Empire Blog

The European Film Awards ceremony is something like a more regular Brigadoon: every other year it pops up in a random European capital before reverting to Germany, its home nation. And once it’s over, there’s a similar amount of head-scratching: was it really there? Did it really happen? Did anyone ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE BLOG

Night Visions 2014: Marcos Ortiz and In Darkness We Fall Empire Blog

The dark star of Alfredo Montero’s caving horror In Darkness We Fall is actor/producer Marcos Ortiz. Not a potholing enthusiast to any extent, he told me how he ended up enduring two separate productions of the film underground. One of them nearly killed him…Are you a caving enthusiast?[Leans into microphone] ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE BLOG

‘Hannibal’ Finale Postmortem: Bryan Fuller Breaks Down That Bloody Ending and Talks Revival Chances Variety – Music

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen the “Hannibal” season three finale, “The Wrath of the Lamb.” Bryan Fuller’s “Hannibal” takes its leave from broadcast television in exactly the same manner in which it entered — full of style, subversiveness and some of the most cinematic imagery ever ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – Read more