Korea Box Office: ‘Luck-key’ Stays on Top, ‘Inferno’ Debuts in Second

Local comedy “Luck-Key” remained on top of the Korean box office for second weekend. The Showbox release earned $10.9 million from 1.46 million admissions between Friday and Sunday, accounting for 66% of the total weekend box office. It has made a total of $31.5 million after two weekends on release. Opening on Wednesday (Oct. 19),… Read more »

Why Kanye West Just DOUBLED Next Year’s Grammys Ratings

Kanye West is now threatening to boycott the Grammys because Frank Ocean wasn’t nominated.  Here’s how the Grammy Awards can use this drama to DOUBLE their ratings. As the global panic subsides following robbery of Kanye West’s girlfriend, another drop-shipment of drama has arrived.  During a recent tirade from his suspended stage on the Life […]

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John Oliver Offers Donald Trump His Emmy Award If Candidate Will Accept Election Results On November 8

John Oliver has offered Donald Trump his Emmy Award if he would accept the election results on November 8.
The Last Week Tonight host made the offer in the form of a bet. First, Oliver noted the most revealing moment in last Wednesday’s debate came when Hillary Clinton mentioned that time Trump, after failing to win an Emmy for his The Apprentice franchise three years running, started tweeting that the Emmy awards were rigged – just like Trump now is saying about the…

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‘Walking Dead’: Producers, Cast Talk About Negan’s Victim (SPOILERS)

Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead.”  The cast and executive producers of “The Walking Dead” joined host Chris Hardwick for an extended version of “The Talking Dead” to commiserate over the deaths of Glenn (Steven Yuen) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in the season premiere of… Read more »

‘The Talking Dead’: ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Talk Shocking Character Deaths In Rainy Live Event

NOTE: Spoilers about tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 premmiere below.
“We are such a close family… we do suffer for this show and it means a lot to us, and to feel that from [the audience] is kind of awesome,” said a visibly emotional Norman Reedus tonight on The Walking Dead aftershow The Talking Dead. He was talking about the family dynamic of the cast and crew and the symbiotic relationship with the show’s audience. But he could easily have been referring to the…

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