London O’Connor – “Nobody Hangs Out Anymore” (Stereogum Premiere) STEREOGUM

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At first it seems like information about London O’Connor is sparse, but really, it isn’t. There was his initial stunt, “A Song By London O’Connor” that mimicked a hostage situation before revealing the kidnapper to be O’Connor himself. Complex caught him in all his skateboarding-in-a-dress glory, and then ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Frank Black: “I Don’t Have F*_*ing Time to Worry About Spotify Royalties” DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS

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Spotify royalties suck. But are you wasting your time worrying about it? ______________________________________________________ The Daily Beast: What do you think about streaming services from a financial aspect? The Pixies’ Frank Black: I can’t worry about that. It’s like, how many things can I fucking worry about, you know? I’ve got a ….Read More Via:: DIGITAL Read more