‘Jason Bourne’ Targets $60M+; ‘Bad Moms’ Gets Sassy With Mid-$20M; ‘Nerve’ Holds Steady – Box Office Saturday AM

Updated, Saturday 11:00 PM: While Jason Bourne‘s still in line for an opening around $60M debut (give or take $500K) and Nerve is still in the $9M three-day and $15M five-day range, the R-rated comedy Bad Moms, as expected, started to stall today and tonight shows a cume more in line with a mid-$20M take, maybe $23M to $24M. STX Entertainment’s film is playing out less like Trainwreck and more like Magic Mike or Sex in the City — front-loaded from advanced ticket sales…

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Musicians Killed by Guns: 1950-Present

Here in the United States, it’s difficult to ignore that gun-related shootings are reported on an increasing and almost daily basis, whether it be innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, angry ex-employees exacting revenge, or police officers, who have lately become the victims after apparently being accused of being the victimizers. While gun-related violence as […]

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‘Heaven Sent’ Skydiver Lands Safely but His Team Is Not Happy

The death-defying skydiving stunt that aired live tonight on Fox went off without a hitch – but not without a hiccup. Renowned skydiver Luke Akins became the first man to jump from an airplane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and land safely in a giant net.
The stunt went perfectly, but it almost didn’t go off as planned. In the days leading up to the jump, SAG-AFTRA informed the production company that it was too dangerous – that they wouldn’t let him jump without a chu…

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Khan Family Responds To Trump: “I Don’t Think He Knows The Meaning Of Sacrifice”

One of the most memorable moments from the two week spectacle that was the back to back Republican and Democratic national conventions was a moving speech by Khizr Khan, who spoke onstage at the DNC as a representative of the American Muslim community. Responding directly to Donald Trump’s controversial calls for at least a temporary ban on all immigration to the U.S. by Muslims, Khan talked about his son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died serving in Iraq in 2004. Most…

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Jason Bourne: More than a rerun, because he’s never been more relevant

On screen, the “Bourne” thrillers, from “The Bourne Identity” (2002) to the new “Jason Bourne,” have always been powered by a cool contradiction. A movie about a brainwashed human-robot ex-CIA assassin — or rather, a movie in which a brainwashed human-robot ex-CIA assassin is the hero — starts off, let’s not kid ourselves, as more… Read more »

‘Berlin Station’ Creator On Being Compared To ‘Homeland’: Show Depicts “Normal People With An Abnormal Job”

EPIX’s original espionage intelligence drama Berlin Station follows Daniel Miller,(Richard Armitage), who has just arrived at the CIA station in Berlin, Germany with a mission to determine the identity of a now-famous whistleblower masquerading as someone else. During the show’s presentation at the TCA conference – which also saw the unveiling of a new trailer which you can watch above – a question arose of whether there were any concerns to being compared to critically…

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NFL Denies Trump Claim Of Letter Complaining About Presidential Debate Timing

The National Football League didn’t use the word “liar.” But it came as close as possible today when the organization unequivocally denied claims made by Donald Trump that it had sent the GOP Presidential candidate a letter complaining about the timing of 2016 Presidential debates.
At issue is the fact that two of the debates are scheduled opposite NFL football games. Trump has for the last 24 hours been complaining about that timing, kicking things off last night with a t…

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Nick Nolte’s ‘Graves’ POTUS Not Ronald Reagan Parody, Creator Insists To Dubious TV Critics

Epix’s single-camera dramedy, Graves, which tells the story of former two-term POTUS Richard Graves (Nick Nolte), as he tries to right the wrongs of his administration and reclaim his legacy, 25 years after leaving the White House is not, as some have suggested, a skewering of Ronald Reagan, creator Joshua Stern insisted this afternoon at TCA.

One TV critic, of the “it’s about Reagan” school, said the Reagan motif does not work in that  the series’ central character is…

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