BRM at the Movies! Bank Robber Music

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Summer is here. Ready to be disappointed by summer blockbusters? Admittedly, if everything is as good as Mad Max, then we have nothing to worry about. But there’s no way that’s gonna happen, right? So how about ….Read More Via:: BANK ROBBER MUSIC

The 10 Best Stereolab Songs STEREOGUM

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While grunge was peaking, Britpop was winding down, and hip-hop was in the midst of being codified as pop’s lingua franca, Stereolab were just getting warmed up in pursuit of a throwback art-deco futurism. From their formation in 1990 to the beginning of their “indefinite hiatus” in 2009, the London-based ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

American Ultra Red Band Trailer Shoots Online Empire Magazine

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Jesse Eisenberg is a stone(r) cold killer What do you get when you cross Jason Bourne with Pineapple Express? No, you do not get a Pineapple-shaped grenade. You get American Ultra, which finds Jesse Eisenberg as a stoner with a slightly violent past. Check out the trailer, which is restricted largely ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE Read more

10 Defining 1970s Disaster Movies THE PLAYLIST

This week a humble little film called “San Andreas” opens in which Dwayne Johnson causes a tectonic event by flexing a ‘cep, cocking an eyebrow and roaring his mighty, demigod laugh. Or something (I haven’t seen it, but obviously our reviewer has). Featuring many, many, many shots of structural collapse, ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST

I’m a Former Grooveshark Employee. And Here’s What I Need to Tell the Industry… DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS

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The following is a letter delivered to Digital Music News from an individual claiming to be an ex-Grooveshark employee. It’s completely unedited. ______________________________________________________ Hey paul — I’m one of the guys who went down in flames at grooveshark — you probably know my name and I’m in the legal papers but I’m ….Read More Via:: Read more