Suicidal Tendencies bassist Tim Williams, R.I.P. BROOKLYN VEGAN

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Suicidal @ Orion Fest 2012 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin) Suicidal Tendencies have shared this sad news: It’s with complete sadness that we have to announce the passing of bassists Tim “Rawbiz” Williams. Tim played bass for Suicidal Tendencies for almost four years until recently. Tim was a monster on bass, ….Read More Via: BROOKLYN Read more

Venice Film Review: ‘The Price of Fame’ Variety – Music

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Like the glorious, overripe Michel Legrand score lavished over an otherwise quiet affair, there’s something knowingly, beguilingly out of time about “The Price of Fame,” an ostensibly humble crime caper that winds up as a heartfelt plea for a more innocent way of life. ….Read More Via: VARIETY – MUSIC

Scorsese Attached To Ramones Biopic? Empire Magazine

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Martin is a punk rocker This year marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of seminal New York punk rockers The Ramones, and in another two years it’ll be the 40th anniversary of their first album. There is, as you might expect, considerable activity beginning to bubble in the form of ….Read More Via: EMPIRE Read more

Exclusive First Look At Marco Polo Empire Magazine

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Marco? Polo! Explorer, trader and inventor of swimming pool hide-and-seek games, Italian adventurer Marco Polo is the subject of a new TV miniseries that charts his 13th century exploits. The show lands on Netflix on December 12, and, like a merchant laying their spicy wares at our feet, it has some ….Read More Via: EMPIRE Read more