Telluride Film Review: ‘Heart of a Dog’ Variety – Music

Dogs have clearly become an avant-gardist’s best friend. First Jean-Luc Godard delivered a funny 3D valentine to a pooch named Roxy Mieville in “Goodbye to Language,” and now the New York-based musician/performance artist Laurie Anderson has woven a tide of personal stories, insights and visual-musical riffs into a more accessible ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – Read more

E-Book Sales Tank Lefsetz Letter

“E-Book Sales Fall After New Amazon Contracts” Beware of your dream coming true. For years we’ve heard that music is undervalued, that people must pay more. But maybe the consumer doesn’t want to. That seems to be the case with e-books. When Amazon launched the Kindle no e-book was over ….Read More Via:: LEFSETZ LETTER

Meryl Streep Intros 'Suffragette' at Telluride Thompson on Hollywood

Opening night at Telluride featured dueling world premieres as A24’s “Room” and Focus Features’ “Suffragette” were programmed opposite each other. Meryl Streep and Rooney Mara (“Carol”) both attended the first showings of documentary “He Named Me Malala” (review here) and “Suffragette,” in which Streep delivers a brief but potent cameo ….Read More Via:: THOMPSON on Read more

Telluride Film Review: ‘Room’ Variety – Music

The cramped 11-by-11-foot interior of a sound-proof, tightly sealed garden shed turns out not to be the only thing keeping a boy and his mother prisoner in “Room,” a suspenseful and heartrending drama that finds perhaps the most extreme possible metaphor for how time, regret and the end of childhood ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – Read more

Venice Review: Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Make Love in a Dystopian Future in 'Equals' Thompson on Hollywood

Drake Doremus is clearly turned on by untenable attraction, whether it’s the long-distance relationship (“Like Crazy”), the adulterous (“Breathe In”) and, now, love in a dystopian future where people aren’t allowed to feel any emotion at all. And there you have a key problem with “Equals” – it feels as ….Read More Via:: THOMPSON on Read more