Film Review: ‘Morgan’

Robots, supercomputers, automatons: The history of sci-fi can be boiled down to a laundry list of humanoid machines whose very existence raises the question, “Yes, but do they have feelings?” The title character of “Morgan” is, in many ways, a successor to all those spooky-chilly faux-human techno marvels. Except that Morgan does have feelings. She’s… Read more »

How a Court Decision on Remastering Could Completely Change Copyright Law

Record companies and recording artists should take heed – according to at least one federal judge, sound engineers are performing copyrightable work when they digitally remaster old recordings. The following guest post comes from Michelman & Robinson attorney Michael Poster, as well as Victor Sapphire, Joshua Blechner.  Michelman is one of two firms originally launching class […]

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VMA Ratings Crash

“Ratings Are No Hit for MTV Video Music Awards” It’s the content, stupid. 24 million people tuned into Fox last August to see the initial Republican debate. But only 6.5 million people tuned into a multiplicity of Viacom channels to watch the train-wreck known as the VMAs. It was an unwatchable show. Unmoored from its […]

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Modern VideoFilm Founder Sues New Owner For $100 Million

Moshe Barkat, the founder and former longtime president and CEO of Modern VideoFilm, has filed a $100 million fraud and breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit against Medley Capital, the company that took over the venerable postproduction house in 2014. The suit, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court (read it here), claims that Medley “ran MVF into the ground and destroyed it.”
At one time, Modern VideoFilm employed more than 500 people, but the suit claims that the company…