The Timeless Force of Spoon GUILD OF MUSIC SUPERVISORS

Spoon, the versatile yet steady rock band has managed to stay grounded amidst the many musical stages of the recent decades. The group was able to fit into dance punk playlists, the lo-fi movement, and R&B trends of the early 00s without becoming trend chasers. Music Supervisors ….Read More Via: GUILD OF MUSIC SUPERVISORS

Variety Celebrates Unsung Heroes GUILD OF MUSIC SUPERVISORS

Variety’s Artisans ribbon-cutting ceremony took place last night at Penske Media’s Westside Headquarters. Film editor-in-chief Claudia Eller raised a toast to those unsung heroes of the industry who are finally getting the recognition they deserve. LA Mayor Ted Johnson even sent a message of support, calling behind-the-scenes employees ….Read More Via: GUILD OF MUSIC SUPERVISORS

Film Review: ‘War Story’ Variety – Music

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The hotel isn’t haunted but the guest is in Mark Jackson’s “War Story,” an unusually sober, serious-minded American indie about a war photographer reeling from the death of a colleague, ….Read More Via: VARIETY – MUSIC