Trailers From Hell and Joe Dante on 'Confessions Of An Opium Eater' Thompson on Hollywood

Albert Zugsmith’s shining moment in an amiably disreputable career that nonetheless included producing pix by Sirk, Welles and Jack Arnold. Only Fu Manchu is missing from this hypnotically retrograde yellow peril hallucination starring Vincent Price and half the Asian actors in Hollywood. Amazingly, in 1959 William Castle was originally set ….Read More Via: THOMPSON on Read more

Review: Alex Gibney's Fela Kuti Documentary 'Finding Fela!' THE PLAYLIST

The legendary musician, producer, innovator and thinker Brian Eno once famously called the Nigerian Afrobeat meter one of the three greatest drumbeats of the 1970s (along with Germany’s propulsive Motorik pulse and James Brown’s Stubblefield-driven funky drummer groove). And Eno’s early declarations have hardly proved wrong over the decades, often ….Read More Via: THE PLAYLIST