Brian Reitzell brings horror to life with music in NBC's 'Hannibal ... Music Supervisors from around the blogs

Even if you haven’t heard of music supervisor Brian Reitzell, it’s still very possible that you’ve heard his work. He’s teamed up with Sofia Coppola to score most of her films, including “Lost in Translation” and “The Bling Ring,” … ….Read More Via: <a href= target=_blank title="Brian Reitzell brings horror to life with music in Read more

Blood Sister – “Ghost Twin” STEREOGUM

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Last month, we premiered “Paralysis” from Blood Sister, the new project of former Night Manager guitarist Ezana Edwards. The San Francisco-based group are releasing their self-titled debut EP later this month and have just shared “Ghost Twin,” which continues the feedback-heavy dissonance of the first track and adds some ….Read More Via: STEREOGUM

Film Review: ‘The State-Mafia Pact’ Variety – Music

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Muckraking helmer-performer Sabina Guzzanti’s “The State-Mafia Pact” provides a step-by-step account of how the Italian government — including, but hardly limited to, Silvio Berlusconi — made a deal with the Mafia to gain and maintain power. ….Read More Via: VARIETY – MUSIC