Yahoo's New Season of Community Spoofs Age of Ultron Trailer ADWEEK - TV

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Yes, it’s really happening, folks: Yahoo Screen’s sixth season of Community—the one that nearly didn’t happen because of low ratings and a difficult relationship between creator Dan Harmon and NBC—released its first trailer. And it spoofs the worlds-will-die grandiosity of Marvel’s buzzy spot ….Read More Via:: ADWEEK – TV

Lizard Kisses – “In The Morning” Video STEREOGUM

Cory Siegler and her boyfriend Marc Merza are the driving force behind the earnest, dreamy vibes of Lizard Kisses. While mostly operating as a duo, they often collaborate with other members of the Brooklyn music community and cite the project as a catalyst for building friendships. Close readers will remember ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Samsung Loses To Apple Lefsetz Letter

“Gartner: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus drove Apple past Samsung in Q4 worldwide smartphone sales” Get rid of the removable battery and microSD card? That’s like kicking out the drummer and the bass player, hard core fans are not going to like that. Tech is not like music. In ….Read More Via:: LEFSETZ LETTER

Stars – “Trap Door” Video STEREOGUM

Stars have released a meta-commentary on the way that music videos and singles are chosen these days by prefacing the new video for “Trap Door” with the thought process that eventually spurred the visual’s creation. It boils down to one thing: radio airplay. So here is director Anthony Von Seck’s ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Whole Foods Is ‘Seriously Considering’ Dropping CDs… DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS

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Whole Foods may be the latest retailer to stop selling CDs, a move that would follow a similar announcement by Starbucks. According to one source inside the high-end supermarket, Whole Foods is now ‘seriously considering’ dropping CD sales from ‘most of its stores’ within months. At many Whole ….Read More Via:: DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS