Stephen Colbert Kicks Off ‘Late Show’ DNC Week With Trippy Song And Dance

Stephen Colbert’s live Late Show coverage of the Democratic National Convincing: Death. Taxes. Hillary, began with a psychedelic song and dance number, inspired by some particularly potent Philly cheese-steak he’d found on the street:
Welcome everyone
to the DNC,
a convention of sight, sound and Hillary.
You may have felt the Bern but now it’s time to learn
she is your destiny.
Let’s go the DNC
where they love diversity.
From trans organic farmers to
Muslims who eat…


Stephen Colbert Rushes DNC Podium With Security In Hot Pursuit

Hungry For Power Games‘s Julius Flickerman and his pet weasel Caligula returned to Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, for Hungry for Power Games: DNC Edition.
Julius spotted CNN’s Jake Tapper and asked if he knew where to find NBC’s Chuck Todd, whose goatee had not called back Caligula since their encounter at the RNC.
As he had done at the RNC, Julius tried to take the DNC podium. But, while the RNC had a sense of humor about the schtick, the DNC appears to have been…


Panama Papers Movie Set At Netflix; John Wells Teams With Journos Who Broke Story

U.S. EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has teamed with John Wells Productions to mount a feature film about the Panama Papers, the largest single leak of data in government and corporate history. They have aligned with German investigative journalists Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, who broke the story and led the team that uncovered The Panama Papers. Netflix has acquired their book, Panama Papers: Breaking The Story Of How The World’s Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money.


Film Review: ‘Jason Bourne’

Call it a rebirth: Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne in the franchise’s tough, “this time it’s personal” fifth installment, titled, simply enough, “Jason Bourne.” To the extent that the entire Bourne series hinges on the notion of an amnesiac action hero — one who remembers how to kill with his bare hands but draws… Read more »

On a Night with Real Stakes for Democrats, First Lady Michelle Obama Won the Night and the News Cycle

The New York Daily News decided, during Michelle Obama’s speech around 10 p.m. Eastern, to switch their cover from “ASS WARFARE!,” featuring protestors at the Democratic National Convention, to “THE LADY IS HER CHAMP,” with a big photo of the First Lady and a Hillary 2016 logo emblazoned on it. If anything was an indicator… Read more »

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Creatives Reflect on Disney Tale 25 Years Later

One of Disney’s classic films, “Beauty of the Beast,” waltzed the floor of Comic-Con this past weekend, where the “tale as old as time” celebrated its 25th anniversary with plenty of nostalgia and gratitude for fans in attendance. Dohn Hahn, who produced the animated “Beast” as well as the current live-action version, which opens next… Read more »

Michelle Obama’s Stirring DNC Speech Gets Rousing Hollywood Reaction

First Lady Michelle Obama had delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on their feet tonight with her powerful speech, which got similarly strong reaction on Twitter. President Barack Obama was joined by a string of Hollywood stars in heaping praise on the eloquent address that made the case for Hillary Clinton becoming the next President of the United States while taking subtle jabs at her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, without mentioning him…