LeveK, Mondrian Entertainment Board ‘Klump’

LevelK and Mondrian Entertainment have joined forces to handle international sales on 3D animation series “Klump,” which is made by Studio Soi and based on the Rasmus Klump book series. One of Denmark’s top literary exports, the Rasmus Klump books have sold more than 32 million copies and have been described as the Indiana Jones for… Read more »

Gale Anne Hurd doing Live Action GAIKING & other ANEW news!

Gale Anne Hurd produced live-action GAIKING!!! Holy Wow!

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The remaking of Japanese films can be traced all the way back to John Sturges’ THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI. Since then, full remakes and even simple nods- like George Lucas’ homage to THE HIDDEN FORTRESS IN STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE- have been commonplace in Hollywood. Beginning in the late 90’s a surge of American remakes of Japanese horror favorites became a mainstay of the genre, and the new trend of co-opting other various Japanese pop culture entities to be developed into screen gems seems to be all the rage these days. While the demand is undeniable, there are few companies dedicated to licensing and developing intellectual properties (IP) from around the globe, and even fewer outfits that specialize in specific markets such as the current pop culture explosion from the land of the rising sun.Filling this void is All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW), a Los Angeles/Tokyo based film development and production company that deals expressly with the intricacies of the Japanese IP market. ANEW was founded with backing from the INCJ (Innovation Network Corporation of Japan), a partnership between the Japanese government and several corporations that aims to boost the success of Japanese industries that vary all the way from power semiconductor devices to new and better Alzheimer’s drugs. Somewhere in the middle falls the INCJ’s support of ANEW and the development of the country’s vast IP market for audiences abroad. During a recent chat with ANEW CEO Sanford Climan, he

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Stagecoach Fest Saturday pics (Chris Stapleton, John Fogerty, Langhorne Slim, Sam Outlaw, Rodney Crowell & more)

photos by Anderson Jorgensen, Chad Wadsworth, Chris Miller, Erik Voake, Jose Negrete, Lance Skundrich, Nate Watters, Oliver Walker, Ryan Muir

John Fogerty
…attendance didn’t pick up until just before sundown when Chris Stapleton, who played the last two weekends in a tent at Coachella, took the Stagecoach Mane Stage…

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Jon Snow’s Fate Finally Revealed On ‘Game Of Thrones’ (SPOILERS)

Note: Post contains spoilers of tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones.
It’s been nearly a year of teasing and insistences from the show’s producer and even actor Kit Harrington himself that the character was well and truly dead while fans debated fiercely whether or not they were lying. On tonight’s Game of Thrones, the fate of Jon Snow was finally revealed and the answer: they were telling the exact truth to hide the bigger facts. Warning: If you don’t want to know, now…

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Off Broadway Review: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’

Watching “Dear Evan Hansen,” now playing at Off Broadway’s Second Stage Theater, is like falling down a rabbit hole that leads back to high school. Steven Levenson’s book for this bittersweet musical captures both the humor and the pathos of a hopeless misfit (played to perfection by Ben Platt) who achieves popularity through no fault… Read more »

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: A Shocking Return

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “Game of Thrones” Season 6, Episode 2, titled “Home.” Ser Davos Seaworth has always been a kind of audience surrogate on “Game of Thrones,” and tonight, he spoke for many fans of the HBo drama He stepped into the room of the depressed Melisandre and asked the… Read more »

Lucille Lortel Awards: ‘Guards at the Taj,’ ‘The Robber Bridegroom’ Score Big

Rajiv Joseph’s play “Guards at the Taj,” seen at the Atlantic Theater Company last year, and the Roundabout Theater Company’s revival of “The Robber Bridgeroom” led the 2016 Lucille Lortel Awards, with “Guards at the Taj” taking four awards and “Robber Bridgegroom” snagging three. “Grounded,” the solo show starring Anne Hathaway, and “Eclipsed” director Liesl… Read more »