New York Theater Review: ‘The Merchant of Venice’ Starring Jonathan Pryce

Jonathan Pryce makes a strong case for Shylock’s infamous demand for a pound of flesh in Shakespeare’s Globe‘s gorgeously stylized production of “The Merchant of Venice.” But in order to pull off this tricky adjustment to the most reviled Jewish character in dramatic literature, director Jonathan Munby had to flip the customary dynamic and turn… Read more »

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Takes $30M In Debut; ‘Lights Out’ Opens To $8.3M – International Box Office Sunday

In conjunction with its domestic release, Paramount launched Star Trek Beyond in 37 markets this weekend, including in the U.K., Germany and Australia — territories where the franchise has traditionally performed extremely well. Lights Out, the horror offering from Warner Bros. and New Line also opened this weekend in major markets after an impressive $21.6M domestic as this summer breakout nabbed $8.3M for a global take of $29.9M — on a $5M production budget. Also…


‘Star Trek Beyond’ Launches To $59.6M, Third Best Debut In The Series – Sunday Update

UPDATED, Sunday AM: Refresh for updates. Chart coming After a fantastic Saturday that was off just -5% from Friday, Paramount/Skydance/Bad Robot’s Star Trek Beyond is accelerating toward $59.6 weekend. Before the Independence Day holiday, when Star Trek Beyond hit the tracking boards, analysts had a keen sense that the threequel could hit these numbers, which on a three-day basis are the third best ever for a Star Trek movie, and it was always destined to outstrip Ghostbus…


Box Office: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Racks Up Solid $59.6 Million, ‘Lights Out’ Scores

“Star Trek Beyond” debuted to a solid $59.6 million this weekend, signaling that after six television series, 13 movies, and 50 years in the pop culture conversation, there’s still life left in one of Hollywood’s most durable franchises. And there are more intergalactic missions to come. As boon to Trekkies, Paramount took the unusual step… Read more »

Capone talks the sci-fi love story EQUALS with director Drake Doremus

Capone talks the sci-fi love story EQUALS with director Drake Doremus

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. When I first met filmmaker Drake Doremus, it was in late 2011 in Chicago, and he was at a party in Chicago, and he was in the company of the co-stars of his soon-to-be-released film, LIKE CRAZY, Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. It was actually the second time that year that I’d gotten to hang out with Yelchin (the first was at a pre-party for the world premiere screening of THE BEAVER at SXSW), so Doremus was struck that Yelchin seemed to know me. A few months before this gathering, I’d interviewed Doremus about LIKE CRAZY on the phone, so this party was something of a reunion for us as well. I remember this gathering fondly because we just talked about movies and actors we admired for 30 minutes. And then it was done, as so many of these fleeting meetings go. Yelchin had already done his first STAR TREK movie and TERMINATOR SALVATION, and those films we never talked about. Instead I remember asking questions about CHARLIE BARTLETT and his run on the Showtime series “Huff.” Doremus has helmed a handful of films, including MOONPIE and SPOONER (which played at Slamdance in 2009) and DOUCHEBAG (his first to play at Sundance, in 2010). In 2013, he released BRETHE IN, also with Jones, as well as Guy Pearce and Amy Ryan. His latest work, EQUALS, is a sci-fi love story, starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, about a society in which emotions

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Platino Awards: Telefe, Telefonica Studios Board Ricardo Darin Starrer ‘Black Snow’ (EXCLUSIVE)

PUNTA DEL ESTE, Uruguay — Argentine TV network Telefe and Telefonica Studios have boarded Martin Hodara’s thriller “Black Snow,” starring Ricardo Darin, signing on as co-production partners. Axel Kuschevatzky announced the deal to Variety at Punta del Este, the Uruguayan resort where Darin will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at Sunday night’s 3rd Platino Ibero-American Awards… Read more »

Where (And How Boldly) Should the ‘Star Trek’ Series Go From Here?

Pop-culture recycling doesn’t get much knottier than this. In 2009, J.J. Abrams directed “Star Trek,” a reboot of a popular movie franchise spun off from a legendary TV series. The film succeeded beyond all expectations — it was rousing and sharp, nostalgic yet forward-thinking, an adventure for Trekkies and newbies and everyone in between. It was… Read more »