You don’t have to wait 7 days to see the trailer for RINGS!

Samara on an airplane? Fuck it, why not?

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Looks to be a pretty good year for the Ring franchise. You got this Hollywood sequel and also the Japanese head to header that brings the Ring girl up against the Ju-On girl. I imagine their hair will get tangled together at least once.
I’m a pretty big fan of both original Ring films. Gore Verbinski knocked the US remake out of the water and that very first Ring film was a perfect fit at a perfect time. I remember being showed that movie actually on an unlabeled VHS before it came out. It actually felt dangerous.
The new sequel looks to be The Ring via Final Destination a little bit (and has the dubious honor of having Akiva Goldsman on the writing staff), but I’m pretty nostalgic for this particular monster, so I’ll cut it a little slack. I spent most of the trailer going “Fuck it, why not?” “A blind Vincent D’Onofrio? Fuck it, why not?” “Samara on an airplane? Fuck it, why not?”
So, hit play below and watch this bad boy. Fuck it, why not?

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Ryan Lochte Teammate James Feigen Apologizes, Details Rio Gas Station Gaffe

James Feigen has become the third U.S. swimmer involved in the now infamous Rio gas station incident to give a detailed account of the events that cast a shadow on the American athletes’ performance at the Olympic games. Following Gunnar Bentz’s written statement and Ryan Lochte’s apology and TV interview, Feigen on Tuesday issued a statement through his attorneys, Austin, TX-based Mark Hull and Daniel Wannamaker.
In the missive, he chronicles a sequence of events in line…


Capone has an audience with the Faux-bamas–SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU stars Tika Sumpter & Parker Sawyers

Capone has an audience with the “Obamas” (or is it the Faux-bamas?)–SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU stars Tika Sumpter & Parker Sawyers

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Set for release this week is a supremely smart and charming date movie that just happens to be a re-creation of the first “date” between one Michelle Robinson and one Barack Obama. The two were co-workers at a Chicago law firm (she was his supervisor, so calling the full day they spent together a “date” probably wasn’t the best idea). But by the time SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU is over, you realize that all he was trying to do was impress her enough that she’d want to kiss him at the end of the day; and all she wanted was to not fall for this lean, intelligent young man who had a gift for reading the room, speaking off the cuff in front of people, and being a problem solver for his community. He was also a good listening and wasn’t afraid to challenge her beliefs about law and him. Since there’s no actual transcript of this first date, writer-director Richard Tanne had to capture the essence of the Obamas and what makes them identifiable to millions of people. But he’s also trying to make a truly romantic first-date movie, and it doesn’t really matter what your politics are, the movie succeeds on all of these levels and deserves to be spoken in the same breath as the ultimate walk-and-talk, get-to-know-you films of this type, Richard Linklater’s BEFORE… trilogy. But none of it works without two terrific actors in the lead roles.

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Haugesund: Helmer Praises Spirit of ‘The Lion Woman’

“I was immediately captured by the characters — they were people I knew or had even met. And it was a timeless story, about universally human values, although it takes place more than 100 years ago,” said Norwegian writer-director Vibeke Idsøe of “The Lion Woman,” her period drama that had its world premiere Aug. 21 at the… Read more »

AFI Cancels ‘Birth of a Nation’ Screening, Nate Parker Q&A

The American Film Institute has canceled its Friday screening of “Birth of a Nation,” which was to be followed by a Q&A with filmmaker and star Nate Parker, whose 1999 rape case has put the 37 year-old filmmaker on the defensive this past week. AFI dean Jan Schuette made the announcement to students late Tuesday…. Read more »

Watchdog Group Chides Laika & Focus Features For “White-Washing” ‘Kubo And The Two Strings’

A watchdog group that advocates “balanced, sensitive and positive depiction and coverage of Asian Americans” is calling out producer Laika, and by extension distributor Focus Features, for using mostly white actors to voice Japanese characters in Kubo and the Two Strings, the animated feature that bowed Friday.
The Media Action Network for Asian Americans, which has been battling the issue for decades, noted that even though the movie takes place in ancient Japan, the…