Capone whips out his hefty WEINER…review

Capone whips out his hefty WEINER…review

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Normally, a documentary like WEINER (or any doc—let’s face it) would be at the top of the list in one of my weekly Art-House Round-Up columns. But this film is exceptional in so many ways, I wanted to single it out. Laugh all you want at the idea of a film about the self-imposed trials and tribulations of Anthony Weiner, but the film shows us things I’ve simply never seen before in a doc about the modern political landscape, scandal culture, and the obsession with tearing down powerful voices. Read on… “Same Old Schlong & Dance,” “Weiner’s Second Coming,” “Weiner Pull Out,” “Weiner’s Rise & Fall,” “Tip of the Weiner,” “Weiner Exposed,” “Weiner: I’ll Stick It Out.” These are examples of some of the tasteful headlines that appeared in that bastion of fine journalism, the New York Post, over the several years in which former U.S. Representative from New York Anthony Weiner was embroiled in multiple scandals involving lewd and explicit photos and text messages to various women. The justifiable uproar that followed the original scandal eventually led to him resigning from Congress in June 2011, but only two years later, he was a front-running candidate for Mayor of New York City before a new round of revelations came to light, probably best remembered due to his chosen online alias “Carlos Danger.” In their extraordinarily candid documentary, WEINER, directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg do a sometimes shockingly thorough job of covering

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‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Release Moved To 2018 As Dylan O’Brien Recovers

A month after shutting down production on the film, Fox has officially rescheduled the theatrical release of Maze Runner: The Death Cure to January 12, 2018.
Originally set for release February 17, 2017, production on the film was temporarily stopped March 28 after star Dylan O’Brien was injured during the filming of a stunt. Conflicting reports as to the full extend of O’Brien’s injuries soon emerged, but on April 29 Fox halted the production indefinitely to give him…


‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Now At $82M+, ‘Alice’ Taking A Spill With $40M Over 4-Day Memorial Day Holiday – Early PM Update

3RD UPDATE, 8:48PM: Judging from 11:30PM EST results, the Memorial Day box office openers are in a total slowdown. 20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse, if it doesn’t drop any further, will met Fox’s early week projections by the time we hit Monday. The pic’s current industry projection is at $82.6M for FSSM, $68M over three and $27M for today at 4,150 theaters. Non-Fox execs bet that this film would open big in the triple digits, but Fox knew they were coming off of a…


Dylan O’Brien’s ‘Maze Runner: Death Cure’ Release Pushed Back to 2018

Fox has moved back its release for “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure” by nearly a year to Jan. 12, 2018, as star Dylan O’Brien recovers from his March 17 injuries after an on-set car accident. Fox made the announcement Friday, a month after disclosing that resumption of principal photography on “Maze Runer: The Death… Read more »

Sequel To Cult Sci-Fi Pic ‘The Man From Earth’ A Go With Vanessa Williams, Sterling Knight Among Cast

A decade after the original film’s release, a sequel to the critically acclaimed cult sci-fi film The Man From Earth is in the works, with Vanessa Williams, Sterling Knight, Brittany Curran, Carlos Knight, and Akemi Look joining the cast. To be titled The Man From Earth: Holocene, the film sees the return of David Lee Smith in the lead role, and William Katt. The Man From Earth director Richard Schenkman is returning as well, with shooting set to begin in June and release…


Bill Wolff Exits ‘Chelsea’ Talk Show As Executive Producer

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, “Chelsea,” has parted ways with its showrunner/executive producer, Bill Wolff, Variety has confirmed. Wolff is not expected to be replaced. Handler’s show debuted just three weeks ago to mixed reviews, with Variety‘s Maureen Ryan writing, “Unless it gets sharper and funnier or begins to offer something more than a puffy celebrity hang, it’s… Read more »