Watch: Gwen Stefani Joins James Corden and Two Famous Friends for Carpool Karaoke

Gwen Stefani joined James Corden for another installment of “The Late Late Show” host’s Carpool Karaoke on Wednesday night — and they enlisted a couple of friends to come along for the ride. After running through some of Stefani’s greatest hits — including No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and “The Voice” coach’s solo songs “Rich Girls” and… Read more »

Media’s Trump Coverage ‘Needs to Be Balanced’ In General Election, Says DNC Chair

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that she expects that the “outrageously imbalanced” news media coverage of Donald Trump will “begin to even out” as the race heads to the general election. In an interview with Variety on Wednesday, Wasserman Schultz said that the general election will present a different dynamic because it… Read more »

IT FOLLOWS’ David Robert Mitchell is directing UNDER THE SILVER LAKE a noir crime flick!!!

Can’t wait to see this one!!!

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Hey folks, Harry here…  Our friend Borys Kit of the Hollywood Reporter broke a story today that Michael De Luca is producing the next very secretive film of David Robert Mitchell, the director of the absolutely fantastic indie horror sensation, IT FOLLOWS!!!  Not only that, but that Andrew Garfield will be in the lead!  Apparently it is a modern crime suspense film, but the word Noir is also being used to describe that which we really know nothing about at this point.   That said, if you take a look at IT FOLLOWS, it’s use of shadows and the very nature of the “curse” was a bit Noirish – as it means you have to betray someone you have “relations” with…   More Noirish Crime Thrillers would be fantastic.  It’s one of my all time favorite genres and while many try to play in the genre, few seem to really grasp the essentials to really earn NOIR as a descriptive turn.   I need my Day for Night shooting, Femme Fatales, and the inky black moral code of no ill dead will go unpunished karmically —  And most of all, elevate and stylize your dialogue to the point of exquisite quotability.   Lastly – drench yourself in the fiction of Dashiel Hammet, Raymond Chandler and Leigh Brackett… there are many others, but those are my faves.  I wish all on this project the best.

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‘Spotlight’ Takes Top Honors & ‘The Jungle Book’ Wins Big At 17th Golden Trailer Awards

Trailers, teasers, and posters from the last year of motion pictures and television were celebrated tonight at the 17th annual Golden Trailer Awards held tonight in Beverly Hills. Over 1,100 marketing execs, trailer editors, movie fans, and celebrities were on hand to honor entertainment marketing of all stripes, with the night’s biggest prize going to Spotlight, which racked up yet another awards win for its “Answers” trailer, which took home both the Best of Show Prize…


‘Spotlight’ Wins Top Trophy at Golden Trailer Awards

Best Picture Oscar winner “Spotlight” has won the top prize at the 17th Annual Golden Trailer Awards at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. Open Road Films and InSync + BeemisBalkind’s work for Spotlight titled “Answers” won the Best of Show Prize along with Best Independent Trailer. Disney’s “The Jungle Book” won four trophies. Wednesday night’s ceremonies… Read more »


Sewer Cover Shooting Turtle Battle Van… Just too many feels for me and Sister Satan!

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Hey folks, Harry here…  My baby sis and I are quite excited for this because this feels like the most accurate representation of the Animated TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES universe…  that really ultra goofy tone and silliness.  Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly one level of adaptation, skipping what would be a vastly superior and cool adaptation of Eastman & Laird original black & white comics, which has the turtles as more Ninja than skateboarding dudes.  I first came to the Turtles in that B&W stage when all the bandana masks were red and the turles looked constantly pissed.   But have we come so far with so many years of making the turtles more and more kid friendly, that we could never go back to what it was?  I don’t believe so, but I know it would strike people odd as can be.   Just the color coding of the turtles seems inescapable – and that was a cartoon invention.  I’m so used to “takes” on characters that have had a variety of tones and versions – and I absolutely get the fans that reject this version, but even more, I understand those that loved that cartoon – because that was their gateway not only to the Turtles, but for many… Animation in general.   Perhaps some group of filmmaking passionate Turtle fans should create an R-rated Red Masked TMNT short film that would just go crazy viral and help shift the perception of the characters. That did

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