VMA Ratings Crash

“Ratings Are No Hit for MTV Video Music Awards” It’s the content, stupid. 24 million people tuned into Fox last August to see the initial Republican debate. But only 6.5 million people tuned into a multiplicity of Viacom channels to watch the train-wreck known as the VMAs. It was an unwatchable show. Unmoored from its […]

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Modern VideoFilm Founder Sues New Owner For $100 Million

Moshe Barkat, the founder and former longtime president and CEO of Modern VideoFilm, has filed a $100 million fraud and breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit against Medley Capital, the company that took over the venerable postproduction house in 2014. The suit, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court (read it here), claims that Medley “ran MVF into the ground and destroyed it.”
At one time, Modern VideoFilm employed more than 500 people, but the suit claims that the company…

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The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day: From the Making of Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds!

Effects guru Steve Johnson shares a cool practical effect cut from Spielberg’s War of the Worlds!

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Welcome back to the work week! We continue taking advantage of Steve Johnson’s archives with some cool practical effects pictures, some of which will appear in the book he’s putting together with Sandy Collora about the effects industry.
The project is completely funded via their Kickstarter, but there’s still a few days left on it, so you can pre-order your copy now by clicking below and contributing to the campaign!

Today’s photos take a peek behind the scenes of Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. It was supposed to be another flick, but I’m waiting on clarification on that before I run with it. I was saving these for later because they’re awesome, so you’re not getting the short shrift.
I’ve got two pics for you. First up is something that was an idea from an earlier draft of the script that was ultimately cut before they began filming. It’s a Martian pod that was supposed to incubate some of the invading forces. The idea was they essentially dusted the earth with this sort of pollen that formed these pods. Looks really damn cool to me and a little closer to the colors and feel of the George Pal movie.
Check it out:

Awesome, right? Johnson said they were contracted to build a bunch of them (a job that would have made Johnson and his team about $3 million) before the plug was pulled. Spielberg went primarily CG with the creatures, but Johnson and his co-workers did end up building over

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Oscars: ‘Miles Ahead’ & ‘Maggie’s Plan’ Are First 2016 Awards Screeners Sent To Voters As Sony Classics Jumpstarts The Race

EXCLUSIVE: The Emmy voting still has a few hours to go, but that didn’t stop Sony Pictures Classics from officially launching Oscar season, or at least one aspect of it. The annual ritual practiced in this column of naming the winner of the first official screener sent to Academy voters goes to SPC’s spring releases Maggie’s Plan and Miles Ahead. As one Academy member told me, “They are miles ahead in this case.” Indeed SPC is, but the timing is almost identical to last…

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Watch Phil Collins Sing “Easy Lover” With Leslie Odom Jr. At US Open Opening Night Ceremony

Leslie Odom Jr. & Phil CollinsPhil Collins has been easing out of retirement with a new autobiography, a a reissue campaign, a chat with Action Bronson, and a smattering of live performances for charity, with a whole new album and full comeback tour on the way. Tonight, he gave his first public performance in six … More »

Cloris Leachman Remembers Gene Wilder: “In A Class By Himself”

EXCLUSIVE: Cloris Leachman, who worked with Gene Wilder on projects including Mel Brooks’ classic 1974 comedy Young Frankenstein, told Deadline via her reps that she had so much respect for the actor, who died Sunday. “Gene was in a class by himself,” she said. “I looked up to him yet on the set he was just one of us.”
Leachman remembers how he kept cracking up during one scene in the iconic film in which she played Frau Blücher. Wilder had said Young Frankenstein was his…

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