So you saw X-MEN: APOCALYPSE – wanna see how they did the Quicksilver Sequence, ain’t just CG!

Love when you see how somethings are practical and even more amazing than you thought!

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Hey folks, Harry here…  I really really dug X-MEN: APOCALYPSE…  but then I really like the progression these films have taken since X-MEN FIRST CLASS…  where we’re starting to get costumes and more interesting villainry.  QUICKSILVER having been introduced in the last film, is given another fantastic showcase sequence in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE – and while many probaby thought the “Extraction” sequence was just a total mess of CG, but instead – watch what they do with the PHANTOM CAMERA SYSTEM, it’s really really remarkable tech.   Check out this… too short…  Making of Featurette!

Isn’t that nifty as can be?  If you haven’t seen the film yet, get out there.  I’m seeing a lot of fans loving it.  Many still feel X2 is the best of the SINGER run, but that has Halle Berry as Storm…   seeing the role recast just fills me with joy – and even though she’s still not in the Savanna of Africa being the Goddess she’s meant to be, she’s at least got her mohawk!  
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