Report: Channing Tatum May Bail On 20th Century Fox’s ‘Gambit’ THE PLAYLIST

Is Channing Tatum leaving the 20th Century Fox family after showing up at Comic-Con arm and arm with all the current “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four”? Tatum’s been the driving force behind a “Gambit” movie, a character arguably not solo-movie worthy, but the actor’s enthusiasm for the “X-Men” mutant was enough ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST

Grimes Teases “Happy And Angry” Album Full Of Diss Tracks, Guitar STEREOGUM

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Grimes has been working on the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2012 breakthrough Visions for a while now, but she’s kept things pretty mysterious. As she’s repeated multiple times, last summer’s divisive dubstep-pop anthem “Go” was never intended to be on the album, and the one other song we have ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Tanglewood Lefsetz Letter

It’s America’s first music shed, summer home of the Boston Symphony, I went there Sunday with my mother. But almost not. You see Dark Sky said it was gonna rain. I already told my mom that I couldn’t sit on the lawn, you see I take this pill that makes ….Read More Via:: LEFSETZ LETTER

Tommy Lee Jones On For The Next Bourne Empire Magazine

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Will he be a CIA boss? With Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon and, more recently, Julia Stiles reported as back on Bourne duty for the new instalment, it’s time to start tracking down other cast members. Tommy Lee Jones is the latest announced actor aboard, looking ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Chris Pine Officially Signs On For Wonder Woman Empire Magazine

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Steve Trevor has been cast It was just a couple of months ago that word broke about Chris Pine entering talks to join Warner Bros./DC’s Wonder Woman film as Steve Trevor. The Wrap reports that the ink has been spilled and the deal is official. ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Nosferatu Next On The Remake List Empire Magazine

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Nosfera2 surely already in a studio bod’s brain If you thought being a classic rendition of a famous monster made you immune to the remake machine, think again! Because filmmaker Robert Eggers is aboard to write and direct a new take on the haunting, long-fingered vampire seen ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Janis Ian Shares Traumatic Personal Story About Bill Cosby STEREOGUM

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As more and more women have stepped forward with allegations of drugging and sexual assault and more and more nauseating details have emerged, it’s become basically 100% clear that Bill Cosby is a garbage human being. And today, ’60s and ’70s singer-songwriter Janis Ian shared her own personal story about ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM