NYC’s Santos Party House Closing After Hosting Neo-Nazi Punk Show

Santos Party HouseNew York City venue Santos Party House, owned partly by Andrew W.K. and Despot, has suddenly closed, DNAinfo reports. Last night, on the venue’s final night in business, it hosted the second night of NYC Oi! Fest, a punk festival with ties to skinhead and neo-Nazi groups. The festival was originally scheduled to take … More »

CONTEST: Win a Sound Effects Pack from Boom Library!

Boom Library has set aside a few great prize packs for filmmakers in the AICN audience!

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UPDATE with Winners:
Hello ladies and gents, Muldoon here and wow… I knew we had creatives in the AICN audience, but did not expect the flood of entries I received for this latest contest. Contests like this are great, where I have the pleasure of making two individuals’ day better, but the sad reality of letting everyone else know that they did not win… (which is no fun). As there were around 125 email submissions in just those few days leading to Friday, it was an incredibly tough call, considering the volume of great ideas I was able to see from folks. Movies, web-series, audio books, installations… you name it, I read it. If you submitted an entry and did not get a response from me (from today), then please do reach out as I have a little something to give you that may or may not be of use, but is still pretty cool nonetheless.
The winners are:
First Prize: Matt, with:

Movies can be iconic and many things contribute to their iconography cinematography, direction, score and specifically sound design. Imagine watching the fight in Marion’s bar in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” without such beautiful sound design. Imagine the entire movie “Aliens” or “The Birds”. Sound design can make or break a movie. If your film has the wrong sound design it can take the audience entire out of the movie. One misplaced and generic sound effect can take away from the power, impact or suspense of a scene. The pure art

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‘Roots’ Review: Reimagined Slavery Epic Poignant In Era Of Black Lives Matter

Debuting on May 30 simultaneously on History, A&E and Lifetime and airing over four consecutive nights, the stunningly visceral new version of Roots probably will not get anywhere near the 130 million viewers who the original series drew in 1977.
However, this is a very different era in both the TV landscape and in the culture and, while A+E Networks is certainly hoping for big ratings, the $50 million, eight-hour Roots reimagining is about more than numbers. In this era…


Viacom Directors Vow To Fight Ouster Effort And Sell Paramount Stake

Viacom’s independent directors said in a public letter today that they’ll fight a possible effort to oust them — and stick to their plan to sell a minority stake in Paramount  — deeming it part of their responsibilities to shareholders and to Chairman Emeritus Sumner Redstone.
His National Amusements controls 80% of Viacom’s voting shares, and is believed to be preparing to replace the board. He recently fired CEO Philippe Dauman and director George Abrams from his family…


‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Producer Earns Guinness World Record

“Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” executive producer Harry Friedman has earned a Guinness World Records title for the most game show episodes produced, having produced 11,128 installments at the time of adjudication on March 31, 2016 — a number that has only risen since then. “I’m incredibly honored to have set a new world record… Read more »

Johnny Depp’s Daughter Lily-Rose Defends Father After Abuse Allegations

Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is defending her father in the wake of abuse allegations. “My dad is the sweetest most loving person I know,” Lily-Rose Depp wrote on Instagram over the weekend. “He’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same.” The… Read more »

Viacom Board Members Push to Pursue Paramount Sale Process, Vow to Fight if Ousted

Viacom’s independent board members are vowing to fight any “legally flawed” effort to oust them from their director seats, and they are urging shareholders to support the continued push to sell a minority interest in Paramount Pictures. The six independent directors on the company’s 11-member board released on Monday a letter addressed to “all Viacom’s… Read more »