‘The Crown’ Review: Netflix’s Royal Drama Glitters, With History The True Jewel

Launching on November 4, Netflix’s The Crown is an often glittering look at the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign that is worth bingeing with an “in for a penny, in for a pound” approach. However, the first 10-episode season of the streaming service’s $100 million drama series created by The Queen scribe Peter Morgan is not necessarily a prescription for those Downton Abbey fans going through withdrawal. As I say in my video review above, the series led by Claire Foy…

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Capone says that, despite its great cast, INFERNO’s point has him puzzled

Capone says that, despite its great cast, INFERNO’s point has him puzzled

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Can we be honest? Ron Howard’s adaptations of author Dan Brown’s ongoing chronicles of symbologist (or whatever his job title is) Robert Langdon were never particularly good. THE DA VINCI CODE and ANGELS & DEMONS were average mysteries/thrillers at best, and the greatest strength that any of the films have is that they always featured remarkable casts that felt like they were slumming it just to be in a film with Tom Hanks’ name above the title. Adapted by David Koepp, the third installment in this puzzle-solving series is INFERNO, and you’ll be happy to know it’s easily the worst of the bunch, with one of the most intriguing group of actors you could possibly feature in something this mediocre. It’s been a full seven years since Howard and Hanks put us back in the globe-trotting world of Langdon, and the stakes have never been higher as our hero attempts to save a huge percentage of the world’s population from being wiped out by a massive plague. Using elements from Dante’s “Inferno” (from “The Divine Comedy,” of which Langdon just happens to be an expert), someone familiar with the plot for this planned mass extermination leaves clues for him in different museums and houses of worship and anything else built hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. The added barrier to solving this great mystery is that Langdon has lost his memory of the last couple of days in his life after what

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TV Review: ‘Tracey Ullman’s Show’ on HBO

In some ways, Tracey Ullman’s new sketch comedy show has much in common with her previous ventures. Like 1987’s “The Tracey Ullman Show,” 1996’s “Tracey Takes On…” and 2008’s “Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union,” the HBO series debuting tonight features her trying on a wide range of roles, some recurring, some just for a minute or… Read more »

YouTube Star Grace Helbig Signs Movie-TV Deal With Lionsgate (EXCLUSIVE)

Lionsgate has signed an overall deal with YouTube star Grace Helbig to develop both films and TV series. As part of that deal, the studio is developing a romantic comedy feature starring Helbig and her YouTube collaborator Mamrie Hart. Liosngate is also actively discussing two other films with Grace and her team, as well as… Read more »

Toby Jones to Play Late Boy Band Mogul Lou Pearlman in TV Series

Toby Jones has been tapped to play the late Lou Pearlman in the TV series that will chronicle the life of the fraudulent boy band producer, Variety has learned. The project is currently in development as a limited series. It hasn’t landed at a network yet, but insiders say four different buyers are extremely interested and… Read more »

Rebecca Ferguson Set To Star In ‘The Lady And The Panda’ — AFM

Rebecca Ferguson is attached to star as Ruth Harkness, the first person ever to bring a live giant panda out of China, in the Justin Chadwick-directed film The Lady And The Panda. Chadwick co-wrote the script with Laura Bickford and Holly Gent Palmo, and the film is set to being production in the foothills of the Himalayas in China next month.
The film is based on Ruth Harkness’ original detailed correspondence. When the 1930’s New York socialite loses her wealthy husband…

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Rebecca Ferguson to Star in Biopic ‘The Lady and the Panda’

Rebecca Ferguson will star as Ruth Harkness in the historical adventure “The Lady and the Panda.” Filming is expected to begin next month in China in the Sichuan region in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Exchange is launching sales at the American Film Market next month. “The Lady and the Panda” is a U.K./Chinese co-production,… Read more »