David Bowie Tribute: Lodger Kcrw Music

Lodger completes David Bowie’s three-album collaboration with Brian Eno, alongside “Heroes” and Low. This so-called “Berlin” trilogy is something of a misnomer, seeing as much of these three albums were recorded elsewhere; Lodger, in fact, was recorded mostly in Switzerland. Nonetheless, traveling serves as one of the themes ….Read More Via:: KCRW MUSIC

'In Bruges' Director Martin McDonagh's 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' Starts Shooting This Spring THE PLAYLIST

Say the words “In Bruges,” and you’ll see the eyes light up among a certain set of cinephiles. Martin McDonagh’s blackly funny cult film has earned him a following, and while his followup “Seven Psychopaths” wasn’t quite as winning (though it has its champions too), the writer/director’s unique voice is ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST