BRM Shark Night Out. Bank Robber Music

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Three day weekend! That means my first trip to the doctor in over 10 years… So I apologize in advance… I am about a pint and a half low today. Why do they need that much blood? Why haven’t I watched this week’s True Blood yet? ….Read More Via:: BANK ROBBER MUSIC

BRM BLOG: Orgys? Xmas?? Meh??? Bank Robber Music

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Lots going on this weekend, some sadness (oh, the start of the football season…it hasn’t been the same since the Los Angels Dons folded!). We are here to keep your mind off of such things and focus on you know, the thrill of getting music placed, and some ….Read More Via:: BANK ROBBER MUSIC

Blog By Missoni Bank Robber Music

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Oh, what a sad day at the BRM. We all went to Target, pumped to pick up our favorite new Missoni pieces and, yup, all sold out. So not only does Target not sell beer (really? why no beer Target?), but now the frenzied sell-out of the Missoni ….Read More Via:: BANK ROBBER MUSIC

Madonna Releases Six New Tracks, Announces Album Rebel Heart STEREOGUM

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Madonna responded to the massive leak of her unfinished demos by announcing a new album, Rebel Heart, and sharing six new tracks, which are all available to download and stream now. “I was hoping to release my new single ‘Living For Love’ on Valentine’s Day with the rest of ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Watch Darlene Love’s Last Christmastime Letterman Performance STEREOGUM

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Darlene Love has been singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on David Letterman’s late-night shows for almost 30 years. She originally recorded the track for Phil Spector’s 1963 album A Christmas Gift For You, first performed the track for Letterman in 1986, and she’s done it during the holidays ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Grimes Explains How She Really Got Her Name STEREOGUM

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Where did Claire Boucher get the name Grimes from? In an interview with The Guardian in 2012, she said that that “it’s a secret and I’m never going to tell because it’s actually really embarrassing,” and then ended up telling the reporter that she named herself after artist Ken ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM