Inside the WHCA Dinner: Standing Ovations for President Obama’s Final Comic Gig

President Obama received standing ovations for his final White House Correspondents Assn. monologue that ended with him dropping his microphone and declaring “Obama out.” When featured entertainer Larry Wilmore ended his routine by using the “N” word, it drew reactions of, “Did he just say that?” Inside the cavern-like ballroom of the Washington Hilton, the… Read more »

Don Lemon Gives Larry Wilmore The Finger At White House Correspondents Dinner; Similar Reviews To Follow

Don Lemon gave Larry Wilmore the middle finger tonight at the White House Correspondents Dinner while the other 2,699 attendees appeared to wish they’d had the nerve.
“Welcome to Negro Night here, or as they say at Fox, ‘two thugs disrupting an elegant dinner’ in Washington,” Wilmore began, kicking off a set, reaction to which rivaled that of his Comedy Central predecessor, Stephen Colbert a decade earlier.  Colbert crashed and burned at the 2006 White House…


Newt Gingrich: Reagan Movie Would Work if it Was Like ‘The Notebook’

“I’m delighted that Ferrell had the good sense to figure out this is a dead loser,” former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich told Variety Saturday night at a party before White House Correspondents Dinner, responding to the news  that Will Ferrell had pulled out of a the Black List script “Reagan.” “I hope the… Read more »

Don Lemon Gives Larry Wilmore the Finger After Jokes at White House Dinner

As host of President Obama’s final White House Correspondents Dinner, comedian Larry Wilmore didn’t pull any punches on Saturday night, chiding everyone from Donald Trump to CNN’s Don Lemon. “Some of America’s finest black journalists are here tonight. Don Lemon’s here too,” he joked. Lemon could be seen raising his middle finger to Wilmore after… Read more »

Obama Blasts Trump, Clinton & CNN At Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“I’m sorry I was a little late tonight, I was running on CPT,” said President Barack Obama tonight kicking off his remarks at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Remarks that slammed Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and CNN with shout outs to Game Of Thrones and Helen Mirren. “Which stands for jokes white people should not make,” he added in what was the first clear blast of the night in reference to the ill considered and racially themed routine Clinton…


White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Roasts Trump, Riffs on Hillary Clinton & Kendall Jenner

Donald Trump may not have been at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night, but his presence was certainly felt — especially during a roasting by the POTUS himself. President Barack Obama said he was “a little hurt” that the Republican presidential frontrunner wasn’t at “Nerd Prom,” noting, “We had so much fun that last… Read more »