Cisneros Media Distribution To rep Brazil’s Movie Royalty, the Barretos (EXCLUSIVE)

Miami-based Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) has snagged exclusive worldwide representation rights to the award-winning slate of Brazil’s first family of cinema, the Barreto clan. Deal follows a similar pact recently unveiled at the L.A. Screenings with Brazilian indie production powerhouse, Medialand. “We are extremely proud to represent these unique work of art that reflect so many… Read more »

Shaken by Quake, Sony Forecasts Weaker 2016 Net Profit

Sony said Tuesday that it will deliver higher operating profits, but lower net profits in the current financial year. Forecasts for its movies division were unchanged. The company was making its annual forecasts that had been delayed by earthquakes in the Kumamoto region in April. Sony now predicts that net profit for its 2016 fiscal year,… Read more »

John Carpenter Boards New ‘Halloween’ Movie

John Carpenter, creator of the original Halloween films, will return to the franchise as executive producer on a new production of the iconic horror movie. Miramax  and Blumhouse Productions will co-finance development and production. Producers are Malek Akkad  under his Trancas banner and Jason Blum producing for Blumhouse. Miramax holds worldwide distribution rights and will… Read more »

AICN COMICS PODCAST – OLDTRON EDITION: Bug and Douche look at the beginning of CIVIL WAR II! The end

AICN COMICS PODCAST – OLDTRON EDITION: Bug and Douche look at the beginning of CIVIL WAR II! The end of SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN! Gene Ha’a MAE! & Hanna Barbera’s return in FUTURE QUEST!

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Mark L. Miller aka Ambush Bug here. In this week’s latest and greatest podcast, our Poptards host Johnny Destructo sits out due to a break-dancing injury, leaving the ever-cheery Optimous Douche and myself to wag out lips about CIVIL WAR II #0 (w – Brian Michael Bendis, a – Olivier Coipel, 24:00), SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #7 (w – Max Landis, a – Jock, 37:00), MAE #1 (w – Gene Ha, a – Gene Ha, 47:00), and FUTURE QUEST #1 (w – Jeff Parker, a – Evan Shaner & Steve Rude, 54:00)! As always, that sweet, sweet jack@$$ery is sporked in free of charge!

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‘Hadestown’ Brings New Orleans Style To Orpheus & Eurydice Tale – Review

By sheer happenstance — because sometimes in New York it can seem that everything really is happening somewhere nearby — I saw a revival of Tennessee Williams’ lyrically overwrought drama Orpheus Descending in a tenderly lucid, gripping production staged by Austin Pendleton in a Christopher Street church, poor-theater style with not much more than a few sticks of furniture. The language and a fine company did the rest. That was just a few days before Hadestown, which…


John Carpenter & Blumhouse are making a HALLOWEEN franchise film! See Carpenter Live, Tour Details!!

Carpenter is coming back – stop all film production, let him do everything he wants, give him all the $$$$

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Hey folks, Harry here reporting with a shit-eating grin that Jason Blumhouse managed to convince John Carpenter to Godfather a new outing of HALLOWEEN as Producer and Composer.   What does this mean?   Here’s something Carpenter says in the press release:

“HALLOWEEN needs to return to its traditions,” Carpenter said. “I feel like the movies have gotten away from that… Michael is not just a human being; he’s a force of nature, like the wind. That’s what makes him so scary.”

At the Press Event in L.A. John mentioned that he had to miss a basketball game to attend – and some may feel that is a joke, but if you know John Carpenter…  for him to miss a Playoff Game…   That’s a pretty big deal for him, he LOVES the game.   LOVES LOVES LOVES.   So, I take that little nugget from the event to be a very good sign.   I love John, he was one of my first heroes to welcome me into their home a few times and as a movie poster & lobby card enthusiast, we chatted a lot about posters we were always hunting for, for the longest time his search for a set of lobby cards to RIO BRAVO was driving him nuts.   Then we told collector loss tales like when he lost a house in a fire that devastated his collection.  Similarly, a busted pipe destoryed a ton of our stuff when I was in High School.   
Over the 20

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‘The Man In The High Castle’ EP Frank Spotnitz Addresses Stepping Down As Showrunner From Amazon Series

The Man In The High Castle‘s Frank Spotnitz wasted no time tonight addressing the elephant in the DGA Theater – sort of. “No, I am hugely proud of the show and very excited about its future as well,” said the now ex-showrunner on if he had anything to add to the news that Deadline broke last week that he is stepping down from the position. “I am really glad that you guys are here to call attention to the amazing work that everyone on stage has done,” he added at the start…