CW Planning ATOM-FIRESTORM-CANARY-MORE Team-Up Spinoff?? Ain't It Cool

CW Planning ATOM-FIRESTORM-CANARY-MORE Team-Up Spinoff?? Read the full article on AICN I am – Hercules!! I guess they won’t call it “Justice League” because the big-screen versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman might object, but The Atom, Firestorm and The Black Canary – all members of ….Read More Via:: AIN

'Prisoners' & 'Enemy' Director Denis Villeneuve To Helm 'Blade Runner' Sequel, Harrison Ford Confirmed To Return THE PLAYLIST

Okay, let’s get to it: the “Blade Runner” sequel now has a director, and it’s “Prisoners” and “Enemy” helmer Denis Villeneuve. Harrison Ford has been officially confirmed to return as Deckard. Our minds are blown, here’s the official press release and we’ll have more soon…. ———- LOS ANGELES, CA, FEBRUARY 26, 2015 ….Read More Via:: Read more

Release Day Blues Lefsetz Letter

Records are not movies. Not made for one weekend only. Music, when done right, is forever. And now that streaming services rule, the drop date, the release date, is just a moment in time. Everything will change. All the front-loaded publicity, all the inane coverage of the horse race, it’s ….Read More Via:: LEFSETZ LETTER

Homer Simpson Hologram Lawsuit Against Fox Settled Variety – Music

A hologram company says it has settled its lawsuit against 20th Century Fox over the studio’s use of a hologram of Homer Simpson during a Comic-Con panel last year featuring the creator of “The Simpsons,” Matt Groening. Groening and the hologram of Simpson talked on stage for about two minutes ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – Read more