‘Beauty and the Beast’ Creatives Reflect on Disney Tale 25 Years Later

One of Disney’s classic films, “Beauty of the Beast,” waltzed the floor of Comic-Con this past weekend, where the “tale as old as time” celebrated its 25th anniversary with plenty of nostalgia and gratitude for fans in attendance. Dohn Hahn, who produced the animated “Beast” as well as the current live-action version, which opens next… Read more »

Michelle Obama’s Stirring DNC Speech Gets Rousing Hollywood Reaction

First Lady Michelle Obama had delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on their feet tonight with her powerful speech, which got similarly strong reaction on Twitter. President Barack Obama was joined by a string of Hollywood stars in heaping praise on the eloquent address that made the case for Hillary Clinton becoming the next President of the United States while taking subtle jabs at her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, without mentioning him…

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Korean Industry Halts Boycott of Busan Festival

Korean film makers today said that they will call off their boycott of the Busan International Film Festival. The decision means that the 21st edition festival will go ahead in October, albeit on a smaller scale than in previous years. The move follows the acceptance on Friday (July 22) of amendments to the festival’s regulations. Those… Read more »

Bernie Sanders Asks Ebullient Supporters to Back Clinton: ‘The Choice Is Not Even Close’

After a day of friction between supporters of some Hillary Clinton and of Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator gave Clinton his unconditional endorsement to close the first night of the Democratic National Convention Monday, saying the choice was “not even close” between his Democratic opponent and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Sanders arrived to a roar… Read more »

Bernie Sanders “Disappointed” But Offers Strong Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton – After Awhile

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was booed this morning when he urged his supporters to back Hillary Clinton in November — and the Democratic National Convention launched amid chaos. That was many hours ago.
The runner-up in the Dem primaries took the stage tonight to hero’s welcome of applause, chants and obvious affection. The crowd cheered for nearly two minutes before letting him speak. And when he did, it was a much-needed message of party unity. But not until 15 minutes…

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‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Fantasy Suite Week Brings JoJo Closer to Thai-ing the Knot

Now that home town week is out of the way, it’s the moment JoJo has been waiting for: fantasy suite week. If you recall last season of “The Bachelor,” this is the week that JoJo told Ben that she loved him and he reciprocated… and then promptly broke her heart. So get ready because, while having… Read more »

Elizabeth Warren Warns Democrats About Trump’s Effort to ‘Divide and Conquer’

Elizabeth Warren, speaking to the Democratic National Convention on Monday, warned delegates on a chaotic first day that Donald Trump was pursuing a strategy of “divide and conquer.” “When we turn on each other, we can’t unite to fight back against a rigged system,” she added. “I got news for Donald Trump: The American people… Read more »