Entertainment Partners’ Incentives Consulting Helps Studios Find the Right Location

Over the past decade, as states from Alaska to Georgia and numerous countries around the globe have one-upped each other with incentive packages, tax credits have become a key component in the budget of virtually every film and TV project. This has made Joseph D. Chianese, executive VP of financial solutions at Entertainment Partners, one… Read more »

Entertainment Partners Celebrates 40 Years of Providing Services to Studios and Networks

Few industries have taken greater advantage of digital technology than entertainment. The benefits extend not just to production and exhibition, but also to the behind-the-scenes worlds of accounting, payroll services, budgeting, and scheduling. And few companies have ridden the digital wave more effectively than Entertainment Partners. When EP first opened its doors in 1976 as… Read more »

How AT&T-Time Warner Could Usher in a New Era of Megamergers

The mating dance is in full swing: The rushed wedding of AT&T and Time Warner marks a sharp acceleration in the latest wave of merger mania for media companies. But this isn’t like the unbridled empire-building of past consolidation booms — say, the exuberant 1990s, when Time Inc. and Warner Bros. first came together, or… Read more »

‘Married At First Sight’ Renewed For Season 5 On FYI

FYI’s docuseries that pronounces couples legally wed on their initial meeting is headed back to the altar. The cable net has greenlighted a fifth season of Married at First Sight, set this time in Chicago and premiering next year. The Season 4 finale airs Tuesday night, with a reunion special set for November 1.
The social experiment series follows singles yearning for a lifelong partnership as they agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married to a stranger…

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Hugh Laurie Feels ‘Imposter Syndrome’ Over Hollywood Walk of Fame Honor

British actor Hugh Laurie greets his upcoming brass star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a mixture of terror and awe. He’s no James Stewart, he explains, that epitome of American stardom. The Oxford, England, native hails from a nearly extinct tribe so polite, so well-bred that he apologized for calling six minutes late…. Read more »

Entertainment Partners’ Central Casting Unit Changes With the Times

Of all the brands scattered across the Hollywood landscape, few have burned as long and as brightly as Central Casting. When someone is said to come “straight out of Central Casting,” entertainment insiders and outsiders alike know just what they’re talking about. Or do they? Central Casting, opened its doors in 1926 and in the… Read more »

‘Doctor Strange’ To Cast Spell Over International Box Office – Weekend Preview

Disney/Marvel‘s Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Doctor Strange debuts in 32 markets — about 45% of its international footprint — this week, and one frame ahead of the domestic (and China) release. It’s been six months since the last MCU superheroes roamed the globe with Captain America: Civil War capturing a 2016 high of $1.15B worldwide after its April start. Doctor Strange is a different sort of Marvel beast, making his first major leap from the page to the screen with…

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‘Notorious’ Order Cut To 10 Episodes By ABC

So it starts. After the back series orders for the strongest new fall series, the networks start to address the bubble freshman shows. First off, ABC’s Notorious, whose 13-episode order has been trimmed to 10.
This is not an outright cancellation as the network plans to air all 10 produced episodes. But, following a slow ratings start and mostly negative reviews, this is not a good sign. Virtually no series whose initial order has been reduced has lived to a second-season…

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‘Notorious’ Episode Order Cut at ABC

“Notorious” has been cut to 10 episodes at ABC, but the show is not yet cancelled, Variety has learned. Sources say the network is retaining actor options. The new drama will not be yanked off the schedule, and the 10 episodes will air. Originally, “Notorious” landed an initial 13-episode order. More to come…