Trailers From Hell on Polanski's 'The Ghost Writer' Thompson on Hollywood

Adapted from the book “The Ghost” by Robert Harris, this unnerving mystery is a return to form for Roman Polanski, thanks mainly to the cagey cat-and-mouse plot which plays into the director’s strongest suit. Ewan McGregor plays the titular scribe whose creeping paranoia turns out to be completely justified and ….Read More Via:: THOMPSON on Read more

Podcast 146: Alex Garland, Paul Thomas Anderson Empire Magazine

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It’s a kind of magic… It’s a directorial double-header this week, with Ex Machina‘s Alex Garland and Inherent Vice‘s Paul Thomas Anderson on the show to talk about their respective movies and a hell of a lot more (think, um, baths). Also, a franchise discussion bonanza – the question being: ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE