Hillary Clinton Says Trump Offers ‘Bigotry and Bombast,’ Not Real Change, in Historic DNC Speech

PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton, accepting the nomination as the first female candidate to lead a major party ticket, conveying a message of unity while characterizing her opponent Donald Trump as temperamentally unfit to be president. “America is once again at a moment of reckoning. Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. Bonds of trust… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Rips Donald Trump For “Bigotry & Bombast” In DNC Speech

Donald Trump can’t even handle the rough and tumble of a presidential campaign,” said Hilary Clinton today of the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host at the Democratic National Convention as she accepted her nomination as the first women to be the Presidential standard bearer for a major American political party. “He loses his cool at the slightest provocation, when he’s gotten a tough question from a reporter, when he’s challenged in a debate, when he sees a protestor at a…

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Hollywood Reacts To Hillary Clinton DNC Speech: Making History Leads Way Amid Jokes & Jibes

Refresh for updates… Given her popularity in Hollywood, it’s no shock that the entertainment industry was fast and fervent in its reaction to Hillary Clinton’s speech accepting the Democratic Party nomination for president. Her address came as the climax to a week of partying – and some dissent from supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders – that saw President Obama, former President (and Hillary’s husband) Bill Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders, celebs like Scandal‘s Tony…

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Esports Team the Immortals Just Made an ’80s-Style Dating Video … for Underwear

MeUndies, the makers of perfectly serviceable skivvies, just inked a sponsored ambassadorship with esports team the Immortals … after discovering that one of its members doesn’t own underwear. (Wait. We’ll get there.) 

This week, they released an ’80s-style dating video about finding love. In your pants. 

Titled “Perfect Pair: The Quest for Immortal Love,” it was shared on Facebook and features Huni, Reignover, WildTurtle, Pobelter and Adrian against a laser backdrop, the kind you probably chose for a school picture at some point, if you were stylin’. 

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Watch Tonight’s Hillary Clinton DNC Video By ‘Scandal’ EPs

UPDATE, 7:30 PM: Just before Hillary Clinton took the stage tonight at the Democratic National Convention, a political heavyweight filled Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers produced short biopic of the 2016 nominee was shown to the delegates in Philadelphia – take a look at it here:
Coming after remarks by daughter Chelsea on the closing night of the DNC and narrated by the voice of cinematic God himself Morgan Freeman, the film was shown on cable news as well as NBC and Fox…

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Watch Katy Perry’s Performance at the Democratic Convention

On Thursday night, Katy Perry performed two songs at the Democratic convention in support of Hillary Clinton. Perry has been on the campaign trailer with Clinton since Iowa, she said. “Both of my parents are pastors and staunch Republicans,” she said. “(But) I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton.” Perry played new song, “Rise,” as… Read more »

PBS’ ‘The Talk’ Panel: The Issue Of Police Violence Front And Center – TCA

Democratic National Convention attendees this week cheered a speech by a group called Mothers of the Movement. Introduced by Scandal‘s Tony Goldwyn, they got the topic of black youth killed by police onto the biggest stage in the country.
And today’s powerful final panel of PBS’ first TCA day addressed the national epidemic of such fatal encounters. The subject was The Talk, a two-hour documentary about “the conversation taking place between parents of color and their…

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Corporate Lawyers: Best Friend To Stephen Colbert Fans?

The 2016 political conventions will be remembered by Stephen Colbert fans as the time he emerged, if briefly, from his Celebrity-Suck-Up-Interviewing-At-CBS period, and got back to doing that which he does best: thumbing his nose at authority.
Among the moments that have delighted Colbert fans and the media during RNC and DNC weeks: the return of his The Daily Show lead-in Jon Stewart, to weigh in on Donald Trump’s GOP nomination, as well as the return of Stephen…

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