‘This Is Us’ Has Strong Week 2 Retention, ‘Bull’ Also Solid, ‘NCIS: NO’ Eyes Uptick

Snapshot: New series Week 2: This Is Us (2.6 in 18-49, down -0.2, 8.85 million), Bull (1.9, down –0.3, 13.5 million); Returning series all down from their premieres -0.2 with the exception of CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans (1.5, up +0.1), and CBS’ NCIS (2.1. even) and Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1.0, even). NBC’s The Voice (3.2 in 18-49) and CBS’ NCIS (15.2 million viewers) top night; NBC wins in 18-49, CBS in total viewers.
It’s been a string of great news for NBC dramedy This Is…

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The Weird Science of Marketing HBO’s ‘Westworld’

With “Game of Thrones,” HBO wove dragons, swordfights, and blood magic into a demographic-crossing television hit. Now it hopes to do the same with robot cowboys and mad scientists. Based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film about a theme park filled with thinking, human-like machines gone haywire, “Westworld” premieres Oct. 2 on the premium cabler. Humongous… Read more »

Eddie Redmayne Braces for War in New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Trailer [VIDEO]

Eddie Redmayne learns the rules of New York magic in the brand new trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. Harry Potter spinoff “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” In the film, Redmayne stars as Newt Scamander, an eccentric wizard who carries a briefcase full of monsters — trouble ensues when the beasts escape. “Mr. Scamander,… Read more »

John Krasinski Producing Family Comedy ‘My Bad Parent’ at Fox (EXCLUSIVE)

John Krasinski is working his producing chops. “The Office” alum and new “Jack Ryan” is attached to executive produce “My Bad Parent,” a comedy series that has landed a script plus penalty commitment at Fox, Variety has learned. From “Family Guy” writer Alex Carter, “My Bad Parent” is inspired by the book and blog of the same… Read more »

Raindance: ‘Growing Up Coy’ Director Eric Juhola Addresses the Controversial Issue of Pre-Teen Transgender Rights

LONDON – Eric Juhola came to the Raindance with “Growing Up Coy,”one of the more timely documentaries in the selection, covering the increasingly explored issue of gender identity (known medically as “gender dysphoria”) from the lesser seen perspective of the civil rights angle. The subject is Coy Mathis, a six-year-old from Colorado Springs who, at… Read more »

Capone wraps himself in the cloak of DOCTOR STRANGE costume designer Alexandra Byrne

Capone wraps himself in the cloak of DOCTOR STRANGE costume designer Alexandra Byrne

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Costume designer Alexandra Byrne has become something of a legend in the field of making period costumes, with a little something extra, which has actually aided her a great deal in the designing of superhero costumes for such films as THOR, both AVENGERS films, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and now DOCTOR STRANGE (due November 4). She began her career doing costume and set design in the British theater in the 1980s, which transitioned into television and eventually film, beginning with the Jane Austen adaptation PERSUATION, Kenneth Branagh’s HAMLET (which resulted in her first of four Oscar nominations), ELIZABETH (her second), FINDING NEVERLAND (her third), THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, SLEUTH, 300: RISE OF THE EMPIRE, and ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, for which she finally won an Oscar for her costuming work. She’s particularly known for knowing exactly how to make fabric drape and flow exactly right, and it’s no surprise that she’s designed the outfits for many of the Marvel heroes and villains who wear capes or cloaks—Thor, Loki, Vision, and Doctor Strange. A group of online writers got a chance to sit down with Byrne back in early February on the London-area set of DOCTOR STRANGE, surrounded by many of her creations for the film, including Strange’s complete costume. Please enjoy our talk with Alexandra Byrne… Question: Kevin Feige said that we need to ask you about the cloak. Alexandra Byrne: Yeah, I thanked him for that.

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Kraus – “Pitch Fucker” Video

KrausWill Kraus is a 22-year-old noise-pop artist out of Dallas whose End Tomorrow saw release via Flexible Records, an offshoot of Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor’s Terrible Records, earlier this month. The album is a bombastic technicolor headfuck built from insane drums, celestial dreampop surges, and heavily processed vocals. Consider it a cocktail of My … More »