Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Presents RNC Week’s Best-Of And Outtakes

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show today posted an RNC Week best-of video, as well as an RNC Week outtakes video.  Comments are definitely better on outtakes.
And it’s hard to see, two nights in, how Late Show’s DNC week of live shows is going to match its live RNC Week though, in fairness, it had a lot more to work with last…


Radiohead began their two-night stand at Madison Square Garden (setlist, review)

This year’s A Moon Shaped Pool is Classic Radiohead, instantly loved by fans, an OK Computer or In Rainbows type of album. And Tuesday night’s (7/26) show at Madison Square Garden, their first of two shows there on the AMSP tour, was, accordingly, a triumph…

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First Cable Trials of Ultra HD Linear TV Channels Launch in the U.S.

Here’s the classic equation of inertia holding back the emergence of TV networks in Ultra HD: Programmers aren’t investing in launching UHD services, because most pay-TV operators aren’t equipped to distribute them — and most consumers don’t have Ultra HD sets to view them. But 15 years ago, the scenario was the same for high-definition television, which is now ubiquitous in TV lineups. Many… Read more »

Warner Bros Japan Names Masami Takahashi As President

Kevin Tsujihara has a new top man in Japan. Masami Takahashi has been named President of Warner Bros Japan, effective September 1.
Takahashi will have general oversight of Warner Bros’ businesses in the country, including theatrical distribution, television distribution, home entertainment, consumer products, games, and local production. He will work closely with in-place executives in each of these divisions as well as divisional management to fully optimize every…


Seth Meyers To Bernie Or Busters: Quit Yer Belly-achin’ & Help Dems Beat Trump

Seth Meyers has a message for those hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters who disrupted Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention: “Donald Trump is ahead in the polls. The house is on fire. Stop crying because we’re not putting out the fire with your hose.”
The Late Show host debuted a new segment simply called “Hey!” by going a little rogue calling out the Bernie or Busters, chiding: “We are on the cusp of electing a racist demagogue, and that never ends well. I don’t…


Elizabeth Banks, Mandy Moore, Idina Menzel, Aisha Tyler & Friends Sing “Fight Song” For Hillary

Elizabeth Banks’ Trump-mocking entrance at tonight’s Democratic National Convention wasn’t her only gift to Hillary Clinton today. In a nod to the Pitch Perfect films that she produces, Banks, along with Bruce Cohen and Mike Thompkins, recruited more Hollywood actors and singers than we can list here for this new, a cappella version of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” Let’s see, we caught Kristin Chenoweth, Rob Reiner, Mandy Moore, Alan Cumming, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eva…


Meryl Streep Tells DNC About Hillary Clinton & Other Pioneering Women: “Grit And Grace”

Starting off with a scream that would curl Howard Dean’s hair, Meryl Streep took the stage at the Democratic National Convention tonight to talk about the party’s presidential nominee — and other barrier-smashing women in American history. With a veteran thespian’s upturned chin and deliberate cadence, the three-time Oscar winner championed Hillary Clinton and her pioneering predecessors.
“What does it take to be the first female anything?” she asked. “It takes grit. And…


Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Video Appearance at Convention

PHILADELPHIA — Delegates went wild on Tuesday as Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance via video remote at the Democratic National Convention, telling the crowd that “we just put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet.” Her appearance on the big screens in the Wells Fargo Arena came after a performance by Alicia Keys…. Read more »

Hillary Clinton Appears As Giant Talking Head After Shattering Glass “Ceiling” To Wrap DNC Day 2

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton appeared at the end of tonight’s DNC, via satellite, capping a “glass ceiling shattering” ceremony.
At the end of a long set, Alicia Keyes pounded on a drama and delivered a message about love always prevailing, which did not necessarily make for the best intro to the images of all of the country 44 – male – POTUS’s appearing one by one on screen – particularly when Nixon’s image popped up, though others were head scratchers too on the…