Palmbomen II: Artist You Should Know Kcrw Music

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Dutch Producer Kai Hugo is living the game. *And by the game, I mean a metaphor for life…but also literally a game. In 2014, soon after contributing music to Grand Theft Auto V, Hugo was contacted by Sony to soundtrack their Metrico puzzle game. He’s since relocated from Berlin to ….Read More Via:: KCRW MUSIC

SXSW First Look: 'Ktown Cowboys,' a Hard-Partying Bromance (Trailer, Exclusive Poster) Thompson on Hollywood

Based on the debauchery-filled web series of the same name, “Ktown Cowboys” is a bro-mantic dramedy (is that a genre first?) about five hard-partying pals drifting toward adulthood in Koreatown’s after-hours soju bars and karaoke rooms in hopes of finding a better version of themselves. Check out the trailer below. The ….Read More Via:: THOMPSON Read more

The Expendables Take Aim At TV Empire Magazine

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Sylvester Stallone is shepherding a spin-off show With three movies of varying quality and box office success out there (and more in development), you would think Sylvester Stallone would be quite happy with the amount of Expendables in the world. Yet he, along with producer Avi Lerner ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE

Giancarlo Esposito Joins Money Monster Empire Magazine

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He’s set for Jodie Foster’s financial hostage crisis drama With George Clooney and Julia Roberts in place as leads, Jodie Foster has been gathering the ensemble she needs around them for new, financially flavoured drama Money Monster. Her newest recruit is prolific character actor and Breaking Bad ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE MAGAZINE