“Nirvana Baby” Issues Another Nevermind Cover Recreation For 25th Anniversary

NirvanaEvery so often, the guy who was the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind issues a status update on whether or not he was the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Usually, it turns out that he was baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind. And hey, looks like he still was! More »

Raindance: ‘After Adderall’ director Stephen Elliott on his rapport With James Franco

Every writer dreams of selling the movie rights to their work, all the more so when a famous actor is putting up the money. But when Stephen Elliott optioned his semi-fictionalised memoir “The Adderall Diaries” to the super-prolific indie star James Franco, the dream became more of a journey down the rabbit hole. The experience… Read more »

Jane Pauley Named Anchor Of ‘CBS Sunday Morning’; Will Succeed Charles Osgood

Jane Pauley has been named the new anchor of CBS Sunday Morning, succeeding Charles Osgood.
Osgood announced earlier he was retiring September 25, after 22 years as anchor of the award-winning broadcast and after nearly 50 years at CBS News. Pauley’s first broadcast in the new role will be October  9, when she’ll become only the third anchor in the history of CBS Sunday Morning.
Pauley joined CBS Sunday Morning in 2014 as a contributor. Since then she’s been a substitute…

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Box Office: ‘Magnificent Seven’ Hits Bullseye With $35 Million Debut

Denzel Washington hit the bullseye again. “The Magnificent Seven,” the Oscar-winner’s first western, topped the box office, picking up a solid $35 million. Hollywood’s star system has shriveled in the past decade, with few new talents emerging to reanimate the ranks and stand alongside Leo and Julia and Johnny and George and Brad. Some of… Read more »

Jane Pauley Will Succeed Charles Osgood as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Anchor

Nearly 30 years after she left NBC’s “Today,” Jane Pauley will return to a morning news anchor slot as the successor to Charles Osgood on “CBS Sunday Morning.” Pauley has been a contributor to the show since 2014. “CBS Sunday Morning” typically airs long-form feature reporting in a signature style, a mix of lifestyle and personality… Read more »

The Orchard Releases Digital Sales Results for ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ (EXCLUSIVE)

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople,” a New Zealand comedy drama, has become the highest-grossing release for the Orchard, earning north of $5 million. It is also setting records with its on-demand sales, racking up $355,210, during the first to weeks of release. That establishes a new high-water mark for the indie distributor behind “Cartel Land” and “The… Read more »


It’s Sibling Day at FANTASTIC FEST – fun, depravity & violence drenched sorrow for the related!

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Saturday, September 24th…
Today, I was fired up for four films…  Again, I picked four films when met upon their own terms were absolutely fantastic.  I didn’t have a lot of research on these in advance.  I prefer to allow the fates to guide me.   Let’s just dive straight on in.
Ok…  So that’s a mouthful right?   All I knew going into this film was that it was apparently an Australian Independent Science Fiction film.  That’s all I needed to know.  Fantastic Fest was getting it’s world premiere – and this would give me an excuse to wear my very sci fi shirt with the space girl tie…   and yes I do think about that kind of silly stuff. 
But really – I had no clue visually as to what kind of science fiction film it was going to be.   As it turns out… it exists in the far flung future where humans have settled into the inhabitable worlds of our Galaxy, if not others.   It seems the Galactic version of humanity is using Prison labor to quickly settle into various planets.   We’re not really seeing Aliens in this film, there’s something wicked odd, but it ain’t really an alien.  More on that later.  
Anyways, the story is centered upon Daniel MacPherson’s Lt. Kane Sommerville who is essentially a corporate military man all into the infrastructure of the corporate planet we’re mainly at here.   His daughter, Indi, is played by Teagan Croft, who also narrates

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The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day: From the making of Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea!

James Mason, looking smooth as hell, is front and center in this cool pic that shows you what the Nautilus set really looked like!

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It’s 2:30am, I have to be up for an interview in about 6 hours, and then a long day of crazy Fantastic Fest movies after that, so I’m going to do a short version of the BTS column. Sorry for slacking, but I’m a growing boy and need my beauty rest!
Today we have a pretty nifty shot from the making of Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that shows a little glimpse at what that set actually looked like in a way that never showed up on camera. As a bonus you also get a good look at James Mason being smooth as hell. Check it out:

Tomorrow’s pic is gonna tear you apart! See ya’ then for that one!
-Eric Vespe”Quint” quint@aintitcool.com Follow Me On Twitter

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The Diva Del Mar Reviews Dearest Sister at #FantasticFest

Poetic and understated, I loved this film and I can’t wait to see what Mattie Do does next!

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The Diva Del Mar Reviews Dearest Sister at Fantastic Fest

One of the many treats of attending Fantastic Fest is the opportunity to watch movies from many countries, depicting stories of other cultures that one doesn’t easily encounter in American mainstream cinema. Foreign independent cinema allows a first person perspective of another culture and director Mattie Do brings us the 13th film ever made in the country of Laos: Dearest Sister.
The story revolves around the relationship of two cousins. Nok, the younger of the two women, is a poor country girl who is sent to care for her married rich cousin. Her family needs the money and Nok’s cousin, Ana, is slowly losing her sight to an unnamed disease while her busy husband, Jakob, is struggling to keep his business afloat. Nok dominates the screen time and the first third of the film follows her about as she explores the city and her new digs. Nok quickly succumbs to the materialism of the big city and we discover that she has a very weak moral compass in the face of temptation, even if it means sacrificing the well-being of her benefactor, Ana. Nok’s treachery and deceit create the framework for the major story arc, while the subplots surrounding her relationships with the lesser characters in the story add a depth of understanding towards the general state of life for women in Laos.
The film introduces a supernatural element through Ana’s character. And, although this film is characterized as horror, I would say

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