Dish Parries With Fox on Programming Fees ADWEEK - TV

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21st Century Fox has become the latest broadcaster to have its programming pulled from the Dish Network lineup, following similar disputes by Turner Broadcasting and CBS Corp., which led to similar blackouts in the past several months. In a statement, Dish executive Warren Schlichting ….Read More Via:: ADWEEK – TV

Watch: JibJab's NSFW Year in Review Spoofs Sony, LaBeouf, Kardashian and More Thompson on Hollywood

JibJab’s annual satirical roundup of the year’s biggest news stories is here. This year, the folks at JibJab take on Kim Kardashian “breaking the internet,” Putin, ISIS, the Ebola panic, Ferguson, the Jay-Z/Solange elevator “incident,” Shia LaBeouf’s bizarre “I am not famous” proclamation and more, with a couple of tips ….Read More Via:: THOMPSON on Read more

A Few Winter Songs Lefsetz Letter

“Winter” Tori Amos My favorite Tori song, from before she lost the plot. Did she become more obscure because of her success or was she headed that way? We’ll never know. But at this point this is my favorite winter song, the one I think about when the day is ….Read More Via:: LEFSETZ LETTER

The Most Overrated And Underrated Films Of 2014 THE PLAYLIST

And so dawns Christmas week and an end-of-year feature (you can check out all our Best of 2014 coverage here) we strangely dread: it’s where The Playlist team all lose a bunch of respect for each other when we discover the films that we individually regard as the most over- ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST

Watch: Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' with Original, Scrapped Score Thompson on Hollywood

According to Open Culture, Stanley Kubrick commissioned a score from “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” composer Alex North, with whom he worked previously on his sword-and-sandals epic “Spartacus.” But just as he would later do with Wendy Carlos’ eerie “The Shining” score, Kubrick dropped it, ….Read More Via:: THOMPSON on Read more