Venice Film Review: ‘Francofonia’ Variety – Music

Alexander Sokurov’s freewheeling poetic essay, highly personal and yet captivating, incorporates the Louvre’s status in Nazi-occupied Paris alongside musings on art’s function through storm-tossed history. ….Read More Via:: VARIETY – MUSIC

Videorama! 9/3/15 Bank Robber Music

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“Hey! Do you guys know what time it is? (You guys yell “yes” in unison like it’s an old kid’s show). That’s right! Iiiiiiiiiiit’s VIDEORAMA TIME!!!!” “What’s ….Read More Via:: BANK ROBBER MUSIC

StubHub Finds Customers Buy Less Tickets When Shown the Actual Price DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS

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It’s the most common complaint among ticket buyers: hidden fees, surcharges, and other tack-ons that totally change the list price of ticket. So why aren’t ticket providers doing more to provide transparent, ‘all-in-one’ pricing that displays the final cost, upfront? Because it doesn’t work. In fact, it turns out ….Read More Via:: DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS