Exclusive: Haunting Trailer For Frank Mosley's 'Her Wildnerness' THE PLAYLIST

There are filmmakers out there playing with the form, breaking the rules of narrative, and creating some truly unique works with distinctive voices. To find them, you might have to go down less familiar paths but the rewards are films like Frank Mosely’s “Her Wilderness,” and today we have the ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST

The Week In Pop: The Grand Rehabilitation Of Lady Gaga STEREOGUM

Less than a year ago I published a post with the headline Watch Lady Gaga Get Doused In Neon Vomit While Riding A Mechanical S&M Pig At SXSW, Brought To You By Doritos. The garish excess of Gaga’s performance-art spectacle was typical of the obscene brand-mania that has infected SXSW ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

10 Branded Llama Tweets, From Llame to LLOL Adweek – Adfreak

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You’ve got a social media war room during the Super Bowl to generate that genius real-time tweet. But what about when llamas are suddenly, unexpectedly on the loose and the Internet is going insane? How do you respond?! As it happens, this exact thing happened today. And as ….Read More Via:: ADWEEK – AdFreak

Watch Kanye West Cry And Talk Fashion In Zane Lowe Interview STEREOGUM

Last time Kanye West sat down with Zane Lowe, he had a lot to say about the obstacles he faced trying to break into the fashion world. Following the triumphant launch of his Yeezy Boost shoe and Adidas fashion line, West got really emotional with Lowe in another lengthy conversation. ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM