Broadway Box Office: ‘Shuffle Along’ Shuffles Off as ‘Cats’ Calls Crowds

Broadway box office took a dip last week in what could be the first of several weeks of gradually tapering sales on the way down to Labor Day — especially now that some productions are starting to exit for good, including just-closed “Shuffle Along,”  while “The Humans” has gone on a hiatus. Even so, many individual titles registered upticks, and… Read more »

Rapper Shoots Himself In The Face For Publicity

StupidYou can call this guy stupid for shooting himself in the face – because it’s really fucking stupid – but he’s getting what he wants out of it. He’s already gotten well over 750,000 views on Facebook. Shit, I’m writing about him and you’re reading about him, right? Anyway, this underground Indiana rap/rock hybrid piece … More »

DNC Apologizes To Bernie Sanders As He Urges Supporters To Play Nice At Convention

The news keeps coming from Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention: In a bid to unite a party whose fractures have become clear this morning in Philadelphia, the Democratic National Committee has issued “a deep and sincere apology” to Bernie Sanders over “the inexcusable remarks made over email.” The news comes as the Vermont senator and party renegade sent a text to his supporters urging them not to protest on the convention floor.
Wrote Sanders this afternoon: “I…


Lower Paid CEOs Generate Bigger Returns Than High Flyers: Study

Here’s a novel idea for companies that want to boost the value of their stocks: Pay the CEO less.
That seems to be one of the counter-intuitive lessons from a new study of 429 large-cap U.S. companies: Shareholder returns at the 20% with the lowest CEO compensation outperformed the 20% with the highest pay by as much as 39% over a 10 year period ending in 2015, according to MSCI, a research firm for institutional investors.
“Long-term institutional investors typically…


MTV’s ‘True Life’ to Feature Special on Orlando Shooting Survivors

MTV is honoring the victims of the Orlando anti-LGBT shooting with a special episode of the documentary series “True Life,” titled “True Life: We Are Orlando.” The special, which airs Monday, Aug. 15, will follow survivors of the nightclub shooting, as they try to come to terms with the trauma they experienced in order to get their lives… Read more »

ThinkProgress Editorial Staff Ratifies WGA East Contract

Writers and editors at the progressive news blog ThinkProgress have ratified a new contract negotiated on their behalf by the WGA East. It’s the latest win for the guild’s ongoing drive to organize East Coast news sites. In March, before it went bankrupt after losing a $115 million invasion-of-privacy suit, Gawker’s editorial staff ratified the guild’s first on-line media contract. The Huffington Post, Salon and Vice Media also have agreed to negotiate with the…


ThinkProgress Ratifies Writers Guild Contract

The editorial staff of digital news site ThinkProgress has ratified its first contract since its became unionized by the Writers Guild of America East last year. The collective bargaining agreement, signed with the Center for American Progress, covers 30 employees. The first year of the master contract provides that nearly a third of the bargaining… Read more »