Night Visions 2014: The Harvest, Let Us Prey and Nuntius Empire Blog

Following the Nordic Invasion, the Spanish films and the documentaries, I can’t come up with a connection for the remainder of my Night Visions, so this is just a rattle bag of The Rest.Guest of honour at the festival was John McNaughton, presenting both his debut Henry: Portrait of a ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE BLOG

Night Visions 2014: Marcos Ortiz and In Darkness We Fall Empire Blog

The dark star of Alfredo Montero’s caving horror In Darkness We Fall is actor/producer Marcos Ortiz. Not a potholing enthusiast to any extent, he told me how he ended up enduring two separate productions of the film underground. One of them nearly killed him…Are you a caving enthusiast?[Leans into microphone] ….Read More Via:: EMPIRE BLOG