Live Stream: Hillary Clinton’s Speech at the Democratic Convention

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will close out the 2016 convention Thursday night in Philadelphia. Clinton, the first female presidential nominee in history, will be introduced by her daughter, Chelsea Clinton. The night will conclude with a special performance by Katy Perry. Watch the live stream below:

The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day – From the Making of Joe Dante’s The ‘Burbs!

Tom Hanks and director Joe Dante film a scene for one of the more underrated dark comedies of the ’80s!

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yesterday we put a spotlight on Billy Wilder’s The Apartment, so I figured it’d be pretty fun to segue from a big city apartment to a small town suburb.
Joe Dante’s The ‘Burbs is one of my favorite films of his. He’s made a lot of films, most of which are appropriately adored, but some of which are unfairly overlooked. Matinee is one of those and so is The ‘Burbs, which is a darkly black comedy about fearful, slightly ignorant, neighborhood people who suspect their new, foreign neighbors are up to no good.
What’s great about this film is Tom Hanks plays Ray Petersen as the levelheaded one who can’t ignore the mystery living next door to the point where he pretty much becomes as crazy as his crazy friend (Rick Ducommun’s Art Weingartner) in his belief that the Klopeks are evil and not just weird.
The movie somehow satirizes the conspiracy theory nutbags while also making it okay to root for the dummies trying to uncover the mystery.
Today’s pic comes from Joe Dante’s Twitter. Dante’s always been good about sharing BTS images. In the old run of the BTS column he very kindly provided me with a few never before published Gremlins shots. That guy’s a true blue movie nerd, just like us.
Anyway, here’s today’s pic! That’s Dante in the hat, btw.

Tomorrow’s pic celebrates the relaunching of a geek favorite franchise that was announced today! See you guys then!
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John Singleton on Police Violence: ‘It Goes All the Way Back to Slavery’

PBS’ upcoming documentary “The Talk” explores the conversations that happen in African-American families about police violence. Filmmaker John Singleton, one of the subjects interviewed in that documentary, sees slavery’s legacy in the way that parents often encourage their children to adopt a submissive attitude toward law enforcement. “I’m not saying being confrontational,” Singleton said Thursday… Read more »

Meryl Streep joins Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel-Miranda in MARY POPPINS RETURNS!

And she’s playing Mary Poppins’ cousin! Practically perfect casting, no?

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This Mary Poppins rebootquel is weird. Not bad weird. Good weird. We know we have Mary Poppins returning to help now grown-up Michael Banks with his children. We know Poppins will be played by Emily Blunt. We know Hamilton’s Lin Manuel-Miranda will play a friend of Poppins’ and now we know that Meryl Streep will join them playing Poppin’s cousin, Topsy (per Variety).
Mary Poppins Returns is a smart move by the studio and it’s equally smart that they’re keeping it a musical. Today’s kids are still raised with the original Disney classic, which is becoming more and more like Wizard of Oz in its timelessness with each passing generation.
The huge amount of talent in front of the camera is evident. I’m not so sure about Rob Marshall directing, but he’s done good work before and I have a feeling with the right script and that cast he’ll give us something special.
I never read the original PL Travers books, so I can’t tell you if Topsy is a known character. Google only turns up that the term Topsy-Turvy is used in the books, so apologies for not being an expert on that angle. All I can tell you is that Streep singing along with Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel-Miranda sounds pretty damn good to me.
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Get to Know Ryan Quincy: Creator of Disney XD’s New ‘Future-Worm’ Series

Ryan Quincy, creator of Disney XD’s new animated series “Future-Worm!,” isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself in a featurette exclusive to Variety ahead of the show’s Monday, Aug. 1, debut. It’s in line with the wacky nature of “Future-Worm!,” which follows the adventures of a 12-year-old inventor who creates a time-machine lunch box and… Read more »

Stephen Colbert & John Oliver Spoof That Celebrity “Fight Song” Video For Hillary Clinton

Stephen ColbertThis week’s Democratic National Convention saw the debut of a music video featuring Rachel Platten and dozens of other celebrities singing “Fight Song” in support of Hillary Clinton. The “weirdly earnest a cappella song for Clinton,” as Last Week Tonight host John Oliver describes it, was ripe for parody, and now that comic potential has … More »

Captain America might go mad for Lionsgate’s competing Jekyll film!

Chris Evans circling a feature adaptation of the BBC show while Universal moves forward with their own Jekyll film starring Russell Crowe.

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Deadline has an interesting scoop regarding the character of Jekyll. When I first saw the headline I thought maybe Russell Crowe was out as Jekyll in Universal’s big shared universe relaunch of their Universal Monster catalogue.
But this is a different project. Lionsgate is instead readying a competing film that will be an adaptation of the BBC series spearheaded by Steven Moffatt instead of Robert Louis Stevenson. If you haven’t checked it out (and you should) it’s about a modern day descendant of the famous Dr. Jekyll who has inherited the split personality of his ancestor and does his best to fight it off.
Chris Evans is apparently circling the lead role and I can see the appeal. It allows him to break away from his Captain America persona while giving him a lot to work with character-wise. He’d get to develop two distinct personas and the weird third person that exists in the shifts between the two. That’s a lot of meat for an actor.
It’s an interesting project. Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry wrote the script (both have worked with Shane Black, Bagarozzi on The Nice Guys and Mondry on Black’s upcoming Doc Savage). No director is lined up yet. That’ll be the big third piece of the puzzle that will tell us if this will be a real spoiler for the big budget Universal film or “that other Jekyll movie.”
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‘Justice League’ Star to Make Cameo in ‘Suicide Squad’

Warner Bros. has made a last-minute addition of a major new DC character to its potential blockbuster “Suicide Squad.” Spoiler Warning: Ezra Miller will appear as The Flash in the offbeat superheroes film that hits theaters Aug. 5. The studio disclosed the news in the “Suicide Squad” press notes from critics screenings this week without… Read more »