Peter Bart: ‘French Connection’ Anniversary Reminds Industry Of ’70s Devil-May-Care Filmmaking Approach

“In retrospect, I was wrong to shoot it that way, but there was no other way to get it done.” That’s how director Billy Friedkin last week summed up his famously hair-raising chase scene in the Oscar-winning 1971 film The French Connection. Friedkin was speaking before a rapt audience at the Directors Guild that had gathered for the 45th anniversary of his storied thriller, and he was candid about the challenge of shooting action scenes in the pre-CGI era. Given budget…


ABC Buys Vacation Comedy From Hilary Winston Based on Norwegian Format

It’s only September, but ABC already is thinking about Next Summer, buying a single-camera comedy from Bad Teacher creator Hilary Winston, Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment. Sony Pictures TV, where Winston is under an overall deal, is the studio.
Next Summer, in development for next season, is based on the Norwegian comedy series of the same name, local title Neste Sommer, which has aired on TVN for four seasons. It is set in a summer vacation community and is about…


TV Review: Woody Allen’s Amazon Comedy ‘Crisis in Six Scenes’

The second episode of Woody Allen’s first foray into television, “Crisis in Six Scenes,” ends with Allen’s character, Sidney, and a police officer played by David Harbour discussing the relative merits of adopted daughters. “Good luck with your daughter,” the cop says to Sidney. “You know, we adoptive parents, we’re always taking a risk, aren’t… Read more »