R.I.P. Albert Maysles (1926-2015) THE PLAYLIST

“As a documentarian I happily place my fate and faith in reality. It is my caretaker, the provider of subjects, themes, experiences – all endowed with the power of truth and the romance of discovery. And the closer I adhere to reality the more honest and authentic my tales. After ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST

Mexican Slang – “Fever” STEREOGUM

Last year, Toronto punks Mexican Slang released their Inside The Velvet Castle EP, and we posted their song “Blisters.” They’re about to come out with a new single called “Fever,” and it’s a fucking burner. It’s a fast, jittery song with a bit of splintered surf-rock in its guitar and ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

Viet Cong: Artist You Should Know (SXSW Preview) Kcrw Music

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Viet Cong formed a couple of years ago, rising from the haunted ashes of the gloriously confounding, and deeply respected Calgary-based rock outfit Women. Their first proper release happened last year via the Mexican Summer record label. That EP, “Cassette”, was a cleaned up version of a tour only (you guessed ….Read More Via:: KCRW Read more

Jefferson Starship playing Jefferson Airplane sets on tour for 50th anniversary; Jorma playing SXSW, Jerry tribute, & more BROOKLYN VEGAN

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by Andrew Sacher The Grateful Dead aren’t the only San Francisco Sound band celebrating a 50th anniversary this year. Jefferson Airplane turn 50 too, and to celebrate that, founding guitarist, backup and sometimes-lead vocalist Paul Kantner‘s band Jefferson Starship are playing full Airplane sets on tour. The current lineup has ….Read More Via:: BROOKLYN VEGAN