Watch: 70-Minute Masterclass With Legendary Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond THE PLAYLIST

The soft-spoken and humble Oscar winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” also nominated for “The Deer Hunter,” “The River,” and “The Black Dahlia”) sat down this past summer to answer questions about his impressive career as part of Toronto International Film Festival’s Higher Learning program. (As ….Read More Via: THE PLAYLIST

How the Music Company on Old Spice's 'Dadsong' Got the Ad's Twisted Genius Just Right Adweek – Adfreak

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Old Spice this week unveiled “Dadsong,” its second lunatic 60-second musical via Wieden + Kennedy—the sequel to the award-winning “Momsong” from a year ago. Clearly, the music on a commercial like this isn’t just an important component—it’s the main component, around which everything revolves. AdFreak caught ….Read More Via: ADWEEK – AdFreak